Pinboard: a plan for the Pizza Express building?

Also this week: a new French-Vietnamese cafe on Fortess Road, the Amy Winehouse exhibition starts in Camden, support some channel swimmers, catch a bee-themed play …and where can you ask for the libation cunningly known as a “Kentishtowner”?

2. Cardigan Club Cafe

Under wraps...the new French-Vietnamese cafe on Fortess Road
Under wraps…the new French-Vietnamese cafe on Fortess Road

More new openings on Fortess Road. First off, a quirky new outlet called Tea Party emailed to say they are excited to bring their ladies-only “private afternoon tea parties” to a “unique” new space at 85 Fortess Road.

Okaaay. And meanwhile, the French-Vietnamese Cardigan Club Cafe opens next Tuesday July 9 for breakfast, lunch and dinner, doing a kind of streetfood indoors thing. To highlight its colonial influence the cafe brings a handpicked selection of “the best dishes Vietnam has to offer” but serves them in a rustic French environment. Intriguing, no? Expect Franco-Viet baguettes, market rice, noodles and such like.

And apparently the owner, Minh Chi, left Vietnam on a fishing boat at the tender age of 6 months – but her “passion for the cuisine never left her”. We’ll be straight in the door I reckon. 133 Fortess Road

Next: free gigs at the station…

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  • redsupertedEd

    What about a Starbucks?

  • Toby

    Is a multi-media arts space like an arthouse cinema only trendier?

    • Kentishtowner

      Ha. No, probably less trendy and more inclusive for the whole community as it can be a gallery, educational space, studios, theatre, cinema etc by turn