Pinboard: a plan for the Pizza Express building?

Also this week: a new French-Vietnamese cafe on Fortess Road, the Amy Winehouse exhibition starts in Camden, support some channel swimmers, catch a bee-themed play …and where can you ask for the libation cunningly known as a “Kentishtowner”?

1. Finally! A public consultation on 187 Kentish Town Road.

Have your say on the building's futre on Monday. Photo: Sally Lyall Grant
Have your say on the building’s futre on Monday July 15. Photo: Sally Lyall Grant

What’s the best way to use the former Pizza Express building, originally built as the assembly hall for the polytechnic in 1929? Our stories last month certainly generated huge interest from readers and businesses, with at least two cinema chains keen to start discussions with the owners.

And now, on Monday July 15, readers are invited to view plans being prepared to bring the building back into active use by “urban practitioners” AM-UP. Their website says they’re  “fully equipped to address the complex, contemporary challenges faced by towns and cities not only in this country but around the world.”

Hmmm. We’ll let you know more info when we have it, but let’s hope they listen to the thousands of you who would like a cinema or multi-arts space. Kentish Town Congregational Church Hall, Monday July 15th 3-8 pm.

Next: what on earth is the Cardigan Club?


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  • redsupertedEd

    What about a Starbucks?

  • Toby

    Is a multi-media arts space like an arthouse cinema only trendier?

    • Kentishtowner

      Ha. No, probably less trendy and more inclusive for the whole community as it can be a gallery, educational space, studios, theatre, cinema etc by turn