Pinboard: Lucky Chip Kentish Town, plus Valentine’s Offers – and poop!

1. A New Lucky Chip for Kentish Town The first hipster arrival of the year has just clucked in. And …

1. A New Lucky Chip for Kentish Town

This room has now been completely transformed. Yikes!
This room has now been completely transformed. Yikes!

The first hipster arrival of the year has just clucked in. And it’s the third outlet from de jour Hackney burger joint Lucky Chip, transforming the upstairs floor of Joel & Susie’s smash-hit boozer The Grafton. Says Susie: “Joel and I began running Street Food Takeovers every friday night which seemed to resonate with our customers immediately. Suddenly we found ourselves something of a fixture on the London food scene – Lucky Chip were already in search of their third residency, so as soon as we met it seemed the perfect union.”

Click here for the review of the Lucky Fried Chicken pop-up, which occupies the space for about a month before the burgers arrive.

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  • Dean

    The shite signs are great but a shame that they’re necessary. Walking from Gilden Crescent to Kentish Town west station everyday is a constant dogshit evading walk, it’s disgraceful.

  • Shaun

    The poo thing is getting worse 🙁

    It’s a poo-ocalypse!

  • april

    the new layout is nice – if a bit confusing… I couldn’t figure out why Dean was talking about dogshit when I was only seeing a story about lucky chip chicken…

    Any tips for how us kentishtowners can help shebeen get their permanent late license? is there some sort of way to comment positively on the subject?

    as far as the poop goes – maybe the traffic wardens should also be able to hand out tickets for illegal dog poop?! they sure are good at their jobs so if anyone is likely to be militant about it they are 🙂 I can see resorting to the signs but to be honest the sort of people who leave dog shit on the pavement are not the sort of people that will be shamed by signs I’d say.

  • Nickster

    Still can remember that odious Ben Denner refusing me some mayo for my chips at the Netil Market van (they had a huge pot in full view). ‘You can have it any way you want’ – well apparently not at Lucky Chips.

    • Shazcho

      Does anyone know where in KT is the permanent locale for Lucky Chips?

      • Kentishtowner

        The Grafton.

      • Shazcho

        I mean after their temporary stay at the Grafton will they be taking up a shop front. I had heard Fortess Road.

        • Kentishtowner

          As far as we know the residency is permanent. It’s the chicken that’s temporary…check out our review on the home page.

  • BigBadAl

    Cara, what a fantastic effort!

    I live a road back from your signs and it is truly like running the Krypton Factor getting home in the evenings, trying to avoid the sh@t. If you’re successful there’s no prize, if however you’re not…

    • rah

      grrr its even worse in the dark… ill have to make glow in the dark signs too 🙂

  • floralyd

    Want more information about ‘Band on the Run’ at Aces and Eights? Head here for band info, up to date times and to ask any questions!/events/565288606819082/

    Thanks to Stephen and the gang for publishing.

  • Brenda

    No pagination! It’s annoying, especially when I was reading this on my phone and had to click on the tiny page numbers. If you’re going to do it at least have a NEXT PAGE button.

    • Kentishtowner

      Next Page buttons will be ready tomorrow, but the Page numbers should now at least be larger and clearer. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Jon Simmons

    Shebeen definitely needs a later licence, who would possibly oppose it? By the way is the Kentish Delight Wine Bar a real place??

    • Kentishtowner

      We’ve only ever been in once, but we wish it was. What a fabulous name.

  • Gina

    Can you please go back to the old format.. it takes too long to load up each page! Thank you.

    • Kentishtowner

      From tomorrow you’ll still be able to view the Pinboard as a single page. Our tech guy is sorting it!

  • Bels

    I live in Dartmouth Park and there’s a f***er with his big dopey dogs that he lets sh*t outside our house almost on a daily basis and I never get there in time to catch him. If I do I might be compelled to actually pick it up and throw it at him, I just cannot fathom how you can own a dog and not clean up it’s crap, it’s a part of responsible ownership. Sadly too many people are as thick as the stuff that comes out of their dogs behinds to care.

  • Conrad Ford (@FundingConrad)

    Not only is the dog poo disgusting, it also exposes our young kids to the risk of blindness by Toxicariasis (Angler’s Lane to Talacre playcentre from the high street is a particular hotspot).

    Firstly, I’d like Camden Council (under a FOI request if necessary) to tell us exactly how many NW5 dog owners have been fined for dog mess, to see if they take this seriously (I doubt it).

    Secondly, what about a ‘name and shame’ page on the Kentishtowner website where smartphone users can post pictures of irresponsible dog owners next to their ‘brown trophies’.

  • Paul Knight

    I have been on to Thomas Fenn at Camden Environment ( and ward councillor Meric Apak ( for months on the issue, specifically where I live in the LEBOC area. We are blighted by dog poo as well as litter and fly-tipping and the responses I get are ‘we are working to educate people to be more responsible’, we have tangible examples of collaborative working between residents and council officers’. But daily I still walk past (sometimes through) dog poo when walking my kids to nursery and school.

    I have asked them to come up with a way of increasing the frequency of cleans only to be told this week that ‘throwing resources at it will not resolve’. Surely we ask only that they manage OUR money more efficiently and with greater results by not just cleaning every road once a week – as confimed by Mr Fenn, but by analysing and redirecting resource from roads that do not suffer the same issue (there are many) to those that do.

    I urge as many people as possible to contact Camden Environment and their ward councillor to get them to improve the way they spend our money on this issue. Phew, I need a lie down.

  • john

    It has definitely got worse recently, the influx of french people turning the streets Parisian?

  • Sophia

    My sis signs are a wicked idea, glad someone’s actually making an effort and thinking about other people’s shoes!! We need to look after the pavements!

  • mark roberts

    I visited the SeabrightArms Lucky Chip ‘residency’ twice, and my girlfriend did so three times. Painful waiting times, several menu items unavailable (inc fries!) and generally unimpressive. Walk down to Byron in Camden instead. They are deservedly doing much better – and im sure they wouldn’t run out of fries either.