Want to see the Vagina Museum come to Camden Market?

You can help make it a reality, but there’s not much time

Knitted clitoris art in front of the Camden Market sign


t’s an ambitious project, but one that manages to incorporate physical and mental health education, inclusivity, art, events – and plenty of fun.

Plans for the very first museum dedicated to celebrating and demystifying vaginas has launched, and if all goes well, it will arrive in the heart of Camden Market this November.

First of all, they need to raise £130,000 to help make it happen, so have set up a crowdfunder with the hope of hitting the target by the end of next week. No pressure then.

The museum aims to highlight and positively impact a range of societal problems, from poor body image to gynecological health, driven by the stats that 65% of 16-25 year old women say they have a problem even using the words vagina or vulva, and more than 1 in 10 of 16-35’s find it very hard to talk to their GPs about gynaecological health concerns.


The organisers hope to host rotating exhibitions that are free for all to attend dealing with everything from anatomy and health to periods and sex, from art and design, to history and society.

They will also run an outreach programme supporting healthy and inclusive sex and relationships education, engaging with doctors and other medical professionals to provide better services and supporting the trans and intersex communities.

A series of events will include regular talks, panels, workshops, classes, comedy nights, performances. The museum is planned for the gorgeous Grade II-listed stables block previously used for things such as last year’s Israeli art pop-up and 2017’s Blondie and Morrissey showcases.

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For more info on the vital mission of the Vagina Museum, including why they are not called the vulva museum, and to support the crowdfunding campaign, visit the Crowdfunder page here.


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