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Local talent Alice Greenfield

Local Talent Q&A: Alice Greenfield, filmmaker and photographer, 24

Earlier in the summer we put out a call to local artists to send in their work. We display the entrants weekly

Photo of Alice Cruickshank by Alice Greenfield
Photo: Alice Greenfield

What’s your practice? I’m a filmmaker and photographer, originally from Winchester. I work as video producer for Mumsnet, the parenting website based next to Highgate Studios. I have a deep passion for nature and the great outdoors, so much of my time is spent exploring and going on adventures with my camera. I love to document the essence of a moment and what it means to record memories in the digital world. I create written content in the form of poetry as a means to reflect on and organise my experiences.

How does the area inspire you? I’ve been in the capital for about three years, in Kentish Town before moving to Queen’s Park. NW5 was my first taste of London and I was extremely lucky to be able to walk to work. That morning commute was always such an enjoyable time – the area never feels too crowded, or overwhelming, and it has great little pockets of green, if you know where to find them. My work requires a lot of creativity and if I’m ever stuck for inspiration I love to escape to Hampstead Heath to gain a clearer head. A lunchtime run to Parliament Hill is a special moment during my day, overlooking the city in its entirety helps me find my place. Swimming in the ponds is an experience everyone should try out once.

What are you most proud of? I recently entered a competition called Doc in a Day. Participants had 24 hours to make a documentary film. Everyone met in a cafe off Brick Lane; we were put in teams and given one word that was our theme for the rest of the contest. Each group had to make a short piece lasting one to six minutes. We came second; the whole thing was just incredible. I learnt a lot about collaboration and made new friends.

Tell us the story behind this photo. I love Leverton Place. The subject here is blogger Alice Cruickshank: we both worked together in the area and collaborated a few times during our lunch breaks. That road was perfect for our pictures with its colourful houses. I used to walk past regularly and was always looking for an excuse to shoot there.


Favourite place to hang out? Aside from the Heath and the Ponds, The Vine has a big place in my heart. It’s got the ultimate beer garden and never feels too busy. I love the Bull and Gate during the colder months;we’ve occasionally used the upstairs bar for filming. A big shout out to B&S, the DIY store on the high street – that shop has never failed me, I usually visit to buy a weird prop for the videos I produce. Ruby Violet is a payday Friday favourite amongst colleagues and I like to visit Earth Natural Foods for their salads. Owl Bookshop is always a calm spot to think and I get my hair cut at Oskar Pink; highly recommended.

Follow Alice on Instagram @shot_by_alice here.

Main image: Alice Greenfield self-portrait

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