In the light of E.mono and Lahore Masala mania we thought we’d tempt you kebabrazeee folk to try Meze Ocakbasi on our very own vibrant Crescent.

Yes, we’ve talked about this place before, but only recently have we started to eat in, armed with a cost-cutting BYO bottle of red.

The above shish, which comes with a complimentary starter of piled-high mixed salad, hummus and warm bread, is just £8 (much cheaper to take out, of course). The chicken is tastily chargrilled, and tender. You can order meze, but there’s no need.

Service is beyond friendly. And we love the cosy hidden-away dining area, with its roaring fire (OK, on DVD). In short, it’s the perfect hangout for us to plot what gets dished up here daily.

Meze Ocakbasi. 98 Queen’s Crescent. Dinner for two £16 (BYO wine).

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