Midweek Dinner: Chicken Shish at Meze Ocakbasi

In the light of E.mono and Lahore Masala mania we thought we’d tempt you kebabrazeee folk to try Meze Ocakbasi …

In the light of E.mono and Lahore Masala mania we thought we’d tempt you kebabrazeee folk to try Meze Ocakbasi on our very own vibrant Crescent.

Yes, we’ve talked about this place before, but only recently have we started to eat in, armed with a cost-cutting BYO bottle of red.

The above shish, which comes with a complimentary starter of piled-high mixed salad, hummus and warm bread, is just £8 (much cheaper to take out, of course). The chicken is tastily chargrilled, and tender. You can order meze, but there’s no need.


Service is beyond friendly. And we love the cosy hidden-away dining area, with its roaring fire (OK, on DVD). In short, it’s the perfect hangout for us to plot what gets dished up here daily.

Meze Ocakbasi. 98 Queen’s Crescent. Dinner for two £16 (BYO wine).


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  • Nick Harding

    How easy did you find it to byo wine? I succeeded once and failed the second time I tried. I was told it was up to the discretion of the manager and would depend upon who it was that day (rather than what you looked like!)


  • Kentishtowner

    Now they have a sign up in the window encouraging you to bring wine…

  • The Colonel Fawcett

    Us at The Colonel had some take away kebabs from this joint (on the reccomendation of the esteemed Kentish Towner) and we can safely say this is our favourite kebab joint in the local area and is up there with Dalston’s best too.

    We all had the kofte and chicken shish wraps, really good value and served with plenty of beautiful salad.

    Dare we say it, we prefer this far and away to the kebabs of E Mono. Sorry.

  • Spv

    Wow. Used to live above this pretty much and it looks like it’s changed . I wonder What the locals think about it?! Used to have the bill hill boozers relieving themselves in my doorway and kids bricking rats in the street…..All good wholesome fun… last time I went up qc Market I had an amazing paneer tikka wrap from a stall on Saturday.

  • Kentishtowner

    Spv – Why on earth did you leave with all that excitement on your doorstep?! Yeah we love the tikka wraps you get now from the open grill on the market too.

    • SPV

      Ha not sure really. I think it was doomed from the day after we moved in when at 6.30am they dropped off a rubbish skip outside our bedroom window that shook the building – then every Saturday and Thursday morning for 3 years -3 YEARS! – we did our time on the crescent…

      love KT… a year in ealing has shown us that a garden, a bathroom with a window, a bedroom big enough to walk round the bed and a place where you cant hear exactly what everyone else in the house is doing from anywhere else in the house are apparently overrated