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Help Kentish Town City Farm reach their Covid-19 target of £40k

An open letter from Angela Woods on how to support the oldest city farm in the UK continue its good work

Dear Friends of the Farm,

In March we launched a COVID-19 Emergency Appeal to help keep our animals fed, watered and cared for while our gates are shut. These are usually the busiest months of the year for us when we earn most of our income that keeps the farm operating during the quieter times over winter.

We thought long and hard about launching an appeal because we know that these are really tough times for so very many people. But I and the rest of the team are passionate about this amazing community resource in our corner of London.

We hear every day how much it is loved by local people; how important it is to people with disabilities, learning difficulties and poor mental health and to disadvantaged young people.


The team and I were determined that we would do everything we could think of to help protect the future of the farm so that it was here for future generations.

Where the animals are the stars. Photo: KTCF

We decided to pull out the stops. You may have noticed. It started with a kernel of an idea that the animals should be the stars. Many of you will know that our animals have some strong personalities. And that’s where the fun started. We’ve had animal take-overs of newsletters, Twitter feeds (check out Darth Vader the cockerel on #StarWarsDay), Instagram and Facebook. We’ve even brought you goats singing thank you for feeding their tummies and a goose laying a (not quite golden) egg.

However, in the final 10 days of our Appeal, I wanted to step back and say thank you. I have been truly amazed, and humbled, by the support from our community. As I write, 347 of you have got behind our campaign and given your money in uncertain times. Amazing.

We have had some astonishing gifts. £10,000 from one person. £7,500 from the fantastic team at Camden Town Brewery. People have donated £500, £100, £50 all so very generous.

And we also know that there are gifts of people’s pocket money and precious pounds that make the difference between having something nice rather than essential in these testing times. Each gift is valuable for what it has achieved but also what it says about how our community has come together to support the farm.

I’ve been so moved to read the Appeal messages. The whole team has felt supported and valued. When, frankly, we all felt very lost and uncertain of the future when we first had to close the gates.

We have just 10 days left to raise the last £7000 of our £40,000 target so if you, or someone you know, can help us get there please do donate. We are so very nearly there! It really will make a difference to the Farm’s future.

I hope you and your families stay safe and do look out for the final days of animal fun we have prepared for you too.

All warm wishes,

Angela Woods

P.S Thrillingly, the appeal has had a donation from one of the visionary founders, a group of community-minded people who established the Farm nearly 50 years ago. It means we’ve had support from an early pioneer to the families who use the farm today. That’s three generations. Let’s make sure it’s here for the next three generations.

To find out more and donate, please head here. Follow the farm on Twitter @KTCityFarm and Insta @kentishtowncityfarm

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