Local Talent Q&A: Mae Quin, artist, 33

Earlier in the summer we put out a call to local artists to send in their work. We display the entrants weekly

Pride Lions, Mae Quin

Artist Mae Quin
Mae Quin. Photo: self-portrait

What’s your practice? I used to paint large portraits but have recently started doing small, personalised animal pictures using watercolour pens, fine liners and sometimes acrylic paint. I then add a memorable quote, usually in a speech bubble. I also draw or paint the frame insert, which often overlaps onto the piece.

How does the area inspire you? I’ve been here for twelve years and it stimulates me with its buzzing, city energy as well as its leafy, pretty streets. I often stop to take photos of people’s window boxes, which have influenced some of my art.

What work are you most proud of? A painting I did of my mother when I was 18, because it was the first time that I captured a determined expression. I began to understand it could convey more than a photograph.

Where do you hang out? Natural in Kentish Town – I never don’t feel like one of their chicken sandwiches.

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Follow Mae on Instagram @mae.quin.

Main image: Mae Quin


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