Best deals in town: 2-for-1 burgers, Neighbour

In which we roadtest the local offers kindest to your wallet

So what’s the deal? Two-for-one burgers, from a choice of five, including a vegan and vegetarian option, which works out as about £9 for both of you. You’ll need to add at least one portion of fries, from £3.50 upwards (£4.50 for sweet potato).

What’s the usual price? £9 each (so with fries £12.50). The fancier burgers – cumin-seasoned lamb with feta and harissa mayo, or the double patty with Roquefort – climb up to the heights of £10-13.

Talk us through things. The chicken ramen burger was an interesting one and, on our visit, the better of the two: tender buttermilk Suffolk breast had a coating of crispy ramen and cornflake – thereby upping the savoury hit – and a just-spicy enough sriracha mayo.

Meanwhile, the classic cheese burger comprised a sturdy bun with a 6oz chuck and rib cap beef patty, and while the chef was more than happy to cook it pink, ours – requested as rare as legally possible – veered sadly into well-done territory. Still, it had a good charred flavour, with creamy double Swiss cheese and an enigmatic ‘burger sauce.’


Busy terrace with doors flung open. Photo: PR

Any extras? Nope. Well, not for nada. But we did order sides and, to be honest, were glad we did: broccoli (£4) had bite and a lipsmacking miso butter dressing, while a hit of vinegar laced a light, loose slaw (£3) of red and white cabbage, pepper and green onion. Halloumi sticks were smothered in tahini, scattered with pomegranates (£5.50).

To drink? Free bottled tap water; or, as we did, Beavertown’s Gamma Ray in schooners – or “Kentish halves”, quipped the manager – from one of their half dozen new craft beer taps. Note to self: Neighbour has recently relaunched as pub on the left, burger restaurant on the right.

Busy? Yeah, not bad, considering it was a boiling hot week day. The terrace was busy and the doors flung wide open; it’s long been one of KT’s prime spots.

When is it? 2-for-1 is every Tuesday 5-9pm.

Other deals worth investigating? Lunch Mon-Fri is £10 for burger, fries and soft drink. Which seems like a pretty good deal to us.

Our rating: 7.5/10.

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Neighbour, open daily till late, 300 Kentish Town Road NW1, more here.

Photo: PR

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