Exclusive: Soho’s Pitstop Cafe to open in Kentish Town

Berwick Street’s famous streetfood stand has found a permanent home on Kentish Town Road

2pm today: a roadsweeper passes the new Pitstop Cafe. Pic: Stephen Emms
2pm today: a road sweeper strides past the new Pitstop Cafe. Pic: Stephen Emms
Since we pass it daily, to and from the office, we’ve watched an intriguing new restaurant take shape recently.

And today we can reveal that it’s the first permanent home for another Soho institution, the Pitstop Cafe.

But what exactly is Pitstop? Something of a streetfood innovator, that’s what. The original Berwick Street cart appeared back in 2008, the brainchild of Carol Wong (pictured below), whose father-in-law owns the Four Seasons in Queensway, home to the “the best roast duck in the world” (according to some critics, anyway).

Carol Wong and employee Simon, who runs the Berwick St stall. Pic: Stephen Emms
Carol Wong and employee Simon, who runs the Berwick St stall. Pic: Stephen Emms

Carol’s Soho stand quickly built up a following, cooking Cantonese food to order, with word spreading that they served the tastiest duck fried rice in the capital – as well as a fine pan-fried bass.


“At Pitstop Kentish Town we hope to bring back roasts, Chinese-style,” says Carol, “specialising in dishes like roasted duck, crispy pork and soya chicken.”

Sounds mouthwatering. And the joint’s looking stylish too: a quick snoop around the interior this afternoon revealed a rustic, recycled feel with distressed woodwork aplenty.

The grand opening date is currently set for October 18th, although they’ll be going “soft” from Oct 4th. So watch this space.

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Pitstop Cafe opens officially on Oct 18, 6pm. Find it at 157 Kentish Town Rd NW1 8PD

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  • M in Camden

    Wow Wow Wow!!!!

    I just want to say Carol Wong & whoever cooks with her at pitstop Berwick st .. is AMAZING .. wonderfully fresh – beautifully seasoned food & such lovely, lovely people … it can only be a huge success. My only sadness .. probably wont’ be able to get in the door once everybody in N London finds out…

    Good wishes & congratulations to you -o- very happy for you.