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Taste Test: fish ‘n’ chips in NW5

In which two well-priced cafes, pubs or restaurants battle it out for victory

Up there with the best: Danny’s, Kentish Town Road. Pic: Stephen Emms

This weekend will, of course, see the highest temperatures of the year so far. Which means it might just be time to pretend we’re Brightontowners and scoff fish ‘n’ chips off a bench (perhaps by the Ponds).

But which is better, longstanding Queen’s Crescent chippie Blue Sea, which has been frying for a whopping three decades and attracts customers from miles around?

Or newbie Danny’s, a fifteen minute walk east in the heart of Kentish Town, which opened late last year handily next to the Forum?

Over two consecutive muggy lunchtimes, we ate our way through both.


Blue Sea, 143 Queen’s Crescent

Not bad, but a little dry: Blue Sea
Not bad, but a little dry: Blue Sea
Crispiness of batter: 6/10. Overcooked, a little too deep-fried and orange.
Succulence: 6/10. Flavour good, but flesh flaky; quite dry, alas.
Chips: 7/10. Moreish. Filling.
Service: 8/10. Super-friendly, smiley and the boys chucked in free chips when we ordered just a fish (as they insisted we taste them anyway).
Value for money: 6/10. £7.20 for small cod and chips. Smaller lunch portion available on market days (Thurs and Sat) with cute alfresco seating area.
TOTAL: 33/50

Danny’s, 385 Kentish Town Road

Much more moist fish with slighty clumpy chips: Danny's
More moist fish with slightly clumpy chips: Danny’s
Crispiness of batter: 8/10. Light and golden.
Succulence : 8/10. Great flavour, moist and tasty. Like a top seaside chippie, in fact.
Chips: 4/10. Pale, undercooked, with some stuck together (an off day perhaps?)
Service: 8/10. Chatty. Happy to discuss how difficult it is to get planning permission for outdoor seating.
Value for money: 8/10. £7 for cod or haddock and chips. Lunch portion is just a fiver.
TOTAL: 36/50

So one has the better chips, the other the tastier fish, but the winners (only just) are Danny’s. Where would you like to see a Taste Test? Email us All Taste Tests are anonymous and paid-for

3 thoughts on “Taste Test: fish ‘n’ chips in NW5”

  1. Perhaps you visited Danny’s on an off day as I always think their chips are cooked well – top notch! And I LOVE chips. Delighted we have a good chippy in KT now! I’ll be visiting later for a Friday night fix…

  2. Pangs Chippy/Chinese down at the top of Kentish Town Road and Royal College St has always had my vote. Plus they do potato cakes or fritters or whatever they call them.

    The brandless kebabby opposite the post office on Brecknock Road is another surprisingly decent one.

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