Meze Ocakbasi

If you live in the posh bit of Kentish Town and have never ventured west to Queen’s Cresent, now’s the …

If you live in the posh bit of Kentish Town and have never ventured west to Queen’s Cresent, now’s the time – the sun is shining, the market’s on tomorrow, and its dozens of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern shops, bazaars and stalls are heaving with bargainous fruit and veg, both seasonal and exotic.

And you could also do worse than stop off at Meze Ocakbasi, the smartish new Turkish grill that’s been open a few weeks. Its simple interior belies its apparent deliciousness – and it’s already a favourite with Mrs Kentishtowner, who is fast succumbing to regular chicken ‘babs (around a fiver) on her solo nights in with the True Blood DVD box set.


But if, like me, you require further endorsement, here’s reader Nick Harding: “It has no pretentions but excellent food. Of course not being licensed is a bit of a downer. But I went last night and took the tail end of a bottle of wine with me in a shopping bag and humbly asked if I could drink it. A wine glass was duly produced (but I got the impression it wasn’t something that happens everyday.) It will be the cheapest meal you will have had, between £6 and £9 with an on-the-house yoghurt and cucumber (forgotten the posh name).”

Tempted? I am. Maybe other readers have been? Leave a comment on what you recommend eating… and in other news, don’t even think about trying the revamped Hill (now a brasserie and steakhouse, on Haverstock Hill) – we waited an hour last night for a steak that wasn’t even cooked to our liking. But it’s definitely worth checking out the new-look Assembly House, corner of Leighton and Kentish Town Road, which reopens June 8. We’ll see you there.

In the meantime, here’s Gospel Oak in the evening sun.

Meze Ocakbasi, 98 Queen’s Cresecent NW5.


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  • db

    weeks? surely you mean months. It is without question the only contender on Queen’s Crescent. Fresh food and attentive staff, great prices, open late (for this neighborhood). Great to eat-in or take away. And the best chips around these parts. Of the dozen or so dishes I’ve tried at Meze Ocakbasi, only the newly added chicken doner has managed to disappoint (not terrible but pretty bland. maybe a bad day?) At their prices and given their local competition, the place is hard to fault. Give it a shot for take away and at worst you’ll be out a fiver. (note: prices are either for wraps or with rice, salad, and turkish bread).

    If that’s not enough to tempt you, this photo of their lamb doner wrap should be:

  • michael crawshaw

    i gos some foods last night at around i did like the food the like someone has be sicked i will not be going thery again it did not look very nice at all