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Why you should support Think & Do on Kentish Town Road

Co-founder Debbie Bourne or an essential seasonal pop-up that involves zero commercial nonsense whatsoever this Xmas

Here’s a (perhaps clunkily put) question for you: “Why is it our imaginations are becoming less imaginative at the very time in history when we need to be at our most imaginative?”

And another: “What if the change we need to see in response to the biggest challenges of our time came not from government and business, but from you and me, from communities working together?”

In fact, what if enough of us all came together to create an entirely new kinda story? A story that came up with some ideas to tackle climate breakdown, pollution, social inequality and over-consumption?

Well, if this has got you thinking, then it’s time to head over to a new space, Think & Do, right here in the old Flapjacks shop on Kentish Town Road.


Firstly, a disclaimer: I’m one of the people behind it. In short, it’s a new community climate pop-up that is going to be in our hood for next five weeks. It’s bought to the area by a partnership of Camden Council and the community: Extinction Rebellion, Transition KT/Camden, Friends of the Earth and more.

It’s open Thursday to Saturday, and it’s all kicking off with a kaleidoscope of events and talks. You can expect everything from fashion swaps – putting the swapping back into shopping – to surplus foodie meals with local heroes Vegbox.

Not to mention weekly Saturday morning hackathons, Saturday lunchtime’s kids vegan cooking classes, fermentation workshops – the latter may in fact be as good for your immune system as for the soul of our community – and qigong.

One event that’s a real must takes place this Saturday (6-8pm): the Culture Declares evening. Join Fehinti Balogun, a British Nigerian, talking about the Climate Crisis and why he got involved with XR. Fehinti’s presentation will be followed by a discussion led by Farhana Yamin on how we engage ethnic minorities in the climate debate.

That apart, I think the real highlight is just the fact that this space, or shop, or whatever you want to call it, exists. So even if I say so myself – and I do – get yourself down there, go and kick back on the pallet furniture, put the kettle on to make yourself a free cuppa, and cast your eyes around the many ideas already on the walls.

Get thinking…and then doing.

Think & Do is open Thursdays to Saturdays, from 10am-8pm, at 315 Kentish Town Road NW5 until Xmas. For more info search these hashtags and social media accounts: #thinkanddocamden @tkentishtown @XRCamden @CamdenFoE

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