The London Literary Salon is back in Kentish Town

We like the idea of taking a course that’s a ‘spa for the mind’


ant to better yourself in 2019? The London Literary Salon is back in Kentish Town, “creating community around the study of great literature,” says founder Toby Brothers, with discussion-based studies of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama.

“Some even describe the experience as ‘a spa for the mind’,” says Toby. “But mostly it’s where we laugh, express our frustrations, query meaning and purpose, and discover depth in the language and vision of the writer.”

Studies range from one-offs to epic six-month odysseys, including The English Patient, Homer’s Iliad and Beckett Seminar with Paul O’Hanrahan.

Brand new is a 20-week (!) study of James Joyce epic Ulysses, starting mid-Jan (next week, in fact). “Any time spent studying Joyce leaves one a better reader and a broader thinker,” says Toby, “even if all the references, repetitions, epiphanies and allusions are not immediately understood.”


The two-hour sessions run both in the evening and afternoon. Put the kettle on bitches!

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More info on Ulysses and the other courses this winter here.

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