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Video: sexual dramas for NW5’s most pushy parents

Six-part online comedy satirising the way that society pits families, adults and children against each other

Would you fake a break-up? Photo: Still from ep. 3 of The Littlest Boho
Would you fake a break-up? Photo: Still from ep. 3 of The Littlest Boho

The latest instalment in The Littlest Boho series is even more painfully, deliciously awkward than previous episodes. The online series, loosely based on the pushy parents of NW5, comes to an end this Sunday, but expect to hear more from these characters.

“This is possibly the rudest and most embarrassing episode,” says writer/star Sophie Trott of ‘The Fabian Loo’. “It’s the kind you don’t want your mum to watch.”

Her character Ruby, and hubby Ernest, are forced to face up to some issues in their relationship when Ruby pretends that they’ve split and she’s shacked up with Jack to be within the catchment area for that perfect primary school place.

“We wanted to put our characters in a real predicament,” says Sophie, “where their heightened anxiety about their children, coupled with the real seeming threat of their lives being ‘over’ if they go to the wrong school means they’ll go to extraordinary lengths way outside their usual moral compass. We also really enjoy writing unsexy sex scenes in our comedy, and then feel slightly shamed when we’re filming them.”


Oh and which popular local cafe and deli is renamed (brilliantly) Foccach You?

Check out episodes 3 & 4 here, and look out for the final one on on Sunday night.

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