Artists! Design a poster for the new Kentish Town cinema

Nearly there? The cinema will open within the next six months. Photo: SE
Nearly there? The cinema will open within the next six months. Photo: SE
With the new cinema only months away from opening in the former Pizza Express building, as reported yesterday, we thought it might be nice to alert creative types to a competition that has just been pasted up on the now colourful exterior.

Owners Uplift are a team of London-based architects and builders who are, says founder Kam Sagar, passionate about period piles with an interesting story. “When we came across the former polytechnic building and found out about its history and how much it’s loved locally, we knew we had to be involved in the project,” he says.

The poster on the hoarding. Photo: SE
The poster on the hoarding. Photo: SE
While the development work goes ahead, they’re looking for “film lovers, illustrators, designers and doodlers” to create a poster for their favourite film and then have it showcased on one of ten slots on the really quite stylish new hoarding.

Which, in short, sounds like decent publicity if you’re wanting to get your work visible to a local audience on a very busy section of the high street.

And if yours doesn’t make the cut, all entries will be posted on their blog. All you need to do is head here for details on how to enter.

On the cinema front, we’ll let you know who the potential operators are as soon as we hear. We know now that previous frontrunners Shortwave (the Bermondsey independent) are no longer involved, so who will take it over?

Everyman? Curzon? Picturehouse? Only time will tell. Add any thoughts, suggestions or ideas you have below.

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