Video: life-affirming Erasure singalong on Kentish Town tube platform

Mobile footage shows ‘A Little Respect’ being belted out by post-gig passengers

Check this footage from Kentish Town Underground station last night, where the usual grim determination of London’s tube travellers has been replaced with a full-on communal platform sing-song.

It follows Erasure’s gig at The Forum, which we heard from hungover sources earlier was rather good fun.

The impromptu choir apparently continued warbling the high notes on the train too, while the ‘lead singer’ has since been identified as Neil Francis, a 47-year-old musician from Yarmouth. He is currently being pursued by a slew of hungry media outlets, all looking for a slice of the latest viral video sensation.


We’re just glad to see good old K-Town station enjoying an underground party in the same week that the local toilets have re-opened to serve us subterranean cocktails.

Enjoyment levels are really looking up beneath the surface.


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