Kelly Street stars in new Kitty Daisy & Lewis vid

Top new single Baby Bye Bye from hit local act was filmed in the enviably pastel street

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. Photo: Dean Chalkley
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. Photo: Dean Chalkley
In fairness, we probably don’t talk about homegrown Kentish Town stars Kitty, Daisy & Lewis enough.

The truth is they’re ace – and consistently ace – while being musically quite tricky to pigeonhole: there’s a whole lotta country, a splash of old-fashioned rhythm ’n’ blues, and a general swooning appreciation of all things Americana. It’s all quite thought-provoking – and yet so casually uplifting.

But who’s the real star of the slick video for their new ditty Baby Bye By? Why, only lovely Kelly Street, which can be found in Kentish Town’s southern hemisphere. Each week, in our Ich Bin Q&A, we ask the interviewee where they’d like to live, and guess what the top answer is?

Correct. Well, here she is, in all her glory, looking more deliciously Dolly Mixture-dappled than ever. Don’t miss a cameo appearance by Hampstead Heath too, and be warned, it all gets pretty dark towards the end:

“The reason we shot some of the video on Kelly Street is because it’s local,” says Daisy, “and a very pretty street that looks great on camera too. I think lots of people have filmed there for the same reason. Yes, we grew up there, but the main reason was just because of its beauty and location.”

The band record in their studio on Kentish Town Road, but what do they make of the area these days? “Kentish Town is still a relatively untouched place in terms of development and still has a huge mix of people. Creatives, nutters, the working class, the whole lot basically. There are still great shops including Mario’s cafe, Abba Electronics, Blustons, Greggs’, The Fruit Bowl & B&S DIY. There are also pubs on every corner. Walking down the street, you’re always bumping into someone you know.”

Baby Bye Bye is deservedly doing the biz in the wider media (it’s even single of the week at Radio 1), and fans will also be pleased to hear that new album The Third is produced by proper ledge Mick Jones of The Clash and released January 26.

“There isn’t a reference to Kentish Town exactly on it, however,” says Daisy. “Although I always picture NW5 in my mind when singing the songs and writing them. There’s a track called Developers’ Disease (written by Lewis) which is about all the development and greediness that’s on in Camden – and the whole of London really.”

Too true. Catch them live at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town on February 18.

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  • Fred

    Judging by the sick ending, they should have set the video in Hilldrop Crescent.