What’s the best pub in Kentish Town?

We’ve teamed up with our mates at the Londonist to discover your favourite boozer in the area

Will the Southampton Arms make your list of favourite pubs? Photograph: Stephen Emms
Will the Southampton Arms make your list of favourite pubs? Photograph: Stephen Emms
Each month, popular cultural site the Londonist explores the watering holes of a different part of the capital. And today we’ve teamed up with them to pose one simple question: what’s the best pub in Kentish Town?

The definition of what counts as Kentish Town is up to you. You can of course stray into Tufnell Park, Dartmouth Park, Gospel Oak or Chalk Farm, so long as your choice might reasonably be included on a Kentish Town pub crawl. (By ‘pubs’, we’re using a shorthand — you can also vote for bars.)

So, Pineapple or Southampton? The Grafton or Camden Brewery? Old Eagle or Abbey Tavern? Tapping The Admiral or Fiddler’s Elbow? The Oxford or Lion & Unicorn? O’Reilly’s or Quinn’s? Lord Palmerston or the Star? Aces & Eights or Tufnell Park Tavern? Assembly House or Hoot ‘n’ Annie’s? Bull & Last or the Vine? Junction Tavern or Dartmouth Arms? Torriano or Lord Stanley? Boston Arms or Hideaway? Lord Southampton or the Bluebell? Shebeen or Knowhere Special? Phew. Leave the name of your fave below, or tweet us using the hashtag #bestKTPub.

We’ll tally up the votes across all platforms on Thursday and co-publish the results with the Londonist, who’ll then arrange a pub crawl around the four most popular choices (date to be confirmed). It promises to be nothing short of a riot.


Oh, and you can nominate more than one place. All nominations count as one vote, whether you rank them or not. Likes on Facebook and retweets of someone else’s vote are also counted as new votes.

So, Kentishtowners: what’s your favourite pub in Kentish Town?

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  • J Lipscombe

    The Pineapple without doubt.

  • Kev

    Got to be the Lion and Unicorn

  • Felicia

    Aces and Eights! Best pizza in town!

  • Chris


  • gee

    The Pineapple. Where else!

  • mammuthus

    The Southampton!

  • Gilo


  • J.J.

    Southampton Arms

  • Joe King

    The Olde Oak. propah boozer.

    • Chris

      Too many drugs and drug dealers there, man

  • Emma Dally

    The Pineapple, of course

  • D

    Aces and Eights, real handsome bar tenders

  • Tom

    ACES AND EIGHTS. No doubt.

  • Liam

    Always aces and eights!!!!

  • Fred

    Grafton, Pineapple, Southampton

  • Patrick


  • R

    Aces & Eights! Great djs at the weekends

  • youngdonkey

    Southampton Arms.

  • Marie

    Pineapple or The Oxford. Both amazing.

  • KTick

    What about Tapping the Admiral or Camden Town Brewery Bar?!

  • Mike Sheils

    Aces and Eights!

  • Mark C

    The Junction and The Vine

    • Paul T

      Haha the vine!
      Guess the front garden is ok to be fair

  • Victoria

    Aces and eights!

  • Sam

    Pineapple, Southampton

  • Rob

    Aces and Eights!!!

  • Julian

    Camden Brewery Bar

  • Kara

    Tapping! Same owners as the pineapple but with a cat!!

  • Paul Sachdev

    Aces and Eights!

  • bm


  • Eugenia

    Aces and Eights!

  • Vilhalm Dae

    tapping admirals

  • Nes

    Aces And Eights, probably.

  • susan stockbridge

    The Grafton is best!

  • holly

    Lion and Unicorn in the week and Pineapple on the weekend. What is this Aces and Eights you speak of? It always looks closed… what delights lay inside?

  • Sarah Jimo Nicols

    SOUTHAMPTON!!!! And Aces!!!!

    • Dave

      Second that – Southampton and then Aces! But…they’re all good right?

  • holly

    Lie inside. Damn Prosecco.

  • Sara

    Lion and Unicorn ! and its beer garden. The Lord Palmerston is nice too

  • Charlotte

    Pineapple, Junction, Southampton. Though tough call – makes you realise how spoiled we are.

  • laura

    Tapping the Admiral

  • Argh Argh

    Aces or Junction.

  • Nick

    The Pineapple (for the quiz, the cheese and the gossip), Camden Brewery Bar (for the beer) and The George IV (purely for the Ivy outside and smell of deep fries food inside).

  • Nick

    And the Southampton Arms.

  • Bethan

    Tapping the admiral. There is only one Nelson

  • Bea

    Aces and eights – plus the best pizza in town!

  • Tom

    Has to be Tapping the Admiral – a real community pub with real character and terrific real ales!

  • Chance Brown

    Quinn’s – it’s quirky and old school in a good way, not shiny and bland like many pubs/bars nearby. Vince has to be one of the best, and most easy going pub managers in London! Also have to nominate Tapping The Admiral – A great real ale pub with a very relaxed ambience. It’s an oasis in the middle of an estate!

  • Andy

    Tapping the admiral

  • Kate

    Lion and unicorn

  • Jacqueline

    Definitely The Grafton!

  • Big Chief

    Yeah! The lion & unicorn for SHUUURE, but I like the Vine as well as the Pineapple ( the last when the suns not shining)

  • Phill

    Tapping the Admiral, Camden Brewery Bar, The Pineapple, Aces & Eights

  • Jessica Isaksson

    Lion and unicorn!

  • Pedro

    The Lion and Unicorn. Best beer garden by a long way, really comes into its own in the warm weather

  • Wendy Martensson

    Southampton Arms for the atmosphere…Tapping the Admiral for the drink…Grafton for the food.

  • mikki

    The lion and unicorn without doubt

  • Barry

    Quinns is defo worth a mention. Vince is a legend

  • Laura Murray

    1) the Junction
    2) the Pineapple
    3) the Abbey
    4) the Grafton

    Plus Quinn’s, Boston Arms and the Old Oak for being the only authentic Irish/ cockney pubs left in the area (as well as that one next to McDonald’s!)

  • Anna

    Lord Palmeston tops my list, also enjoy Junction Tavern and Southampton Arms (pretty good start to a pub crawl there…)

  • Jon

    Lion & Unicorn, great food, ales and garden

  • Jon Simmons

    The Pineapple
    The Grafton
    Camden Town Brewery Bar
    Aces & Eights (probably my favourite late night venue in London)

  • Davide J. Junior

    Lion & Unicorn is not just a pub, is my pub!

  • Mikey

    The Grafton (apart from the moody drug dealers at the bar)

  • PC


  • Ray

    Lion and unicorn

  • Tom Hughes

    Tapping the admiral! Best looked ales in London… If you don’t believe me see for yourself.

  • Larry

    Lion & Unicorn. Great beer & amazing service. Lord Palmerston, what’s not too like with their great new team. The Torriano, just because it’s there.

  • gail

    Tapping the Admiral – real ales consistently perfect with regular and varied pumps…….. community pub too! (and very good prices)

  • stephanie

    The Vine

  • Ben

    Tapping the Admiral!

  • Ward Taylor


  • Mark Warbrook

    the 2 best pubs in Kentish Town are The Southampton Arms and Tapping the Admiral.
    they’ve got the best quality and choice of Ale in London, end of!!!!!!

  • Amelia

    Totally the pineapple!

  • terence saxon

    tapping the admiral for all the reasons already posted

  • Callum

    Tapping the Admiral, for the best beer in town.

  • Chris

    Pineapple please

  • Lays

    Camden Town Brewery for the best beers and Tapping the Admiral for old school community.
    Nelson the pub cat for PM!

  • Ian Platt

    Tapping the Admiral. Well kept ale, reasonable prices. Camra discount and great barstaff.

  • Scully

    Tapping the admiral… Best pies ever!
    Old eagle -great atmosphere esp on weds for whiskey mick!

  • Dick

    the reason pubs are so much better than cocktail bars is that different pubs suit different times and needs so if you are lucky to have the choice – and we have – you can pick the one that suits mood/need/weather; its horses for courses. So, pubs with gardens, pubs with interesting food (sorry, Thai doesn’t work and unless things have changed again,Tapping the Admiral had sacked their pie maker for bad timekeeping), good range of drinks and minimal numbers of hipsters stroking their inordinately long beards. So for pure surreal enjoyment, it has to be the Southampton Arms, though on a sunny afternoon, I’ll skive in the Junction’s garden (if its open!). Dick M.

    • Jon Simmons

      Minimal number of hipsters in the Soton Arms?? Not sure if serious.

    • Tom

      The terrific pies are back at the Tapping the Admiral! Check out their web site.

    • Spike

      Pies and chef are back

  • Tom Storr

    Two surprises in all these nominations… 1, I have clearly been missing out on Aces & Eights 2, I bet the guys at The Grafton are disappointed at the lack of love. Most areas would to have a pub like that, but I guess we are lucky to have so many great places to drink.

    My favourite? The Tufnell Park Tavern… haha not really… got to keep it local and say The Pineapple.

  • Marky C

    Tapping the Admiral, Grafton, Pineapple, Southampton Arms, Abbey Tav all for different reasons.

    Seems harsh not to include Camden Brewery, Lion and Unicorn and The Junction though..

    Basically nearly everywhere is good!

  • Ian McKean

    Tapping the Admiral

  • Diarmuid O’Sullivan

    Tapping the Admiral without a doubt

  • SaggyJim

    Southampton Arms

  • Ash

    The Southampton!

  • Emily

    The Pineapple

  • Rose

    The Pineapple!

  • Tom

    It has to be the pineapple, no contest

  • Katharine

    Tapping the admiral. Lovely atmosphere lovely staff lovely food lovely cat x

  • Chop Wales

    Tapping the Admiral, great ale, food and ambiance ;o)

  • Tom

    Lion & Unicorn

  • Adrian

    Tapping the Admiral – decent prices too.

  • Martin

    Another one for the Pineapple. Cheers

  • Gina

    Now that the pies are back, tapping the admiral gets our vote!

  • Fred

    Tapping the Admiral

  • Sean

    Aces & Eights and Tapping the Admiral.

  • Steve

    The Southampton And Tapping The Admiral (with The Pineapple and Aces connecting them in a dream NW5 pub crawl). Though if you’re more middle class or want to bring a couple of screaming kids, head to The Lion & Unicorn or The Junction. More druggy and care less about service – there’s The Abbey (though as with Southampton and Aces, excellent food).

  • Jacqui

    Definitely the Lion and Unicorn

  • Szonja Kolbenheyer

    100% The Lion and Unicorn <3

  • Linda


  • irish

    Lion and Unicorn ! and its beer garden. The Lord Palmerston is nice too

  • Pav

    The Southampton Arms! Pineapple and Tapping also great pubs though.