DJ Patrick Forge shows us how to walk the canopy

The Kentish Town-based musician has chosen a classic location for his new press shots. And, even better, you can download a remix of his new single for nada

The canopy area has never looked so good. Picture: XLR8R
The canopy area has never looked so good. Picture: PR

Music journalist Tom Horan dropped us a line today to alert our attention to local “ledge” Patrick Forge (right) striding across a rather familiar looking bridge.

Why? It’s a press shot used to accompany Forge’s band Da Lata’s new single Um Amor A Mais, as reviewed in massive US dance title XLR8R.

Da Lata (meaning “from the tin” in Portuguese) formed back in ’94 (the other guy is Chris Franck), and they combine Afro-Brazilian influences with other musical strands. Their essential album was Songs From The Tin, released in 2000.

So is this pic one of a set of K-Town images? We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime you can download an Afro house remix by Prophets of the South, a production duo from Glasgow via Cape Town for free here.


Let’s just hope those smirking boys haven’t bypassed Bean About Town for a brew at – gasp! – Costa Coffee down the road.

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Da Lata’s latest LP Fabiola is out on October 21. More info here

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  • Steve Franck

    Note to the editors: in case you feel like giving me, the photographer, a credit for this shot, please do feel free (you weren’t to know that it was me who took this shot of Chris and Patrick)! Check out the avatar on the Da Lata twitter feed and see if you recognise that location too?