The tanks move in….at Camden Brewery Bar this month

A tank party on bank holiday Saturday? And other misadventures this month at one of Kentish Town’s best kept not-so-secrets

An enviably tranquil moment at the Brewery bar.
A rare tranquil moment at the Brewery bar.

One of our most enviable boozy bolt-holes, it’s odd that we don’t cover the Brewery bar as much as we ought. Not that this has impacted its “busyness” in any way; the place seems rammed pretty much the whole damn time.

In fact, we still don’t quite understand why such a successful bar isn’t open daily: early/midweek eves are when locals should really be able enjoy a more laidback drink, something not an option with its Thurs-Sat opening hours, increasingly overrun with out-of-towners and groups on brewery tours.

Still quietish...the teeny interior.
Still quietish…the teeny interior.
Anyway, there’s tons of stuff lined up this month, and you can bet your last pint of Gentleman’s Wit it’ll be as packed as ever, especially the events coinciding with the Great British Beer Festival.

First up? On Wednesday 14 the best of Italian craft breweries are taking over the taps. “There’ll be 12 rare and brilliant Italian brews pouring, and great Italian street food outside,” says in house expert Mark, “and the whole day we’ll be making a beer with the Italian brewers – an Oktoberfest-style lager.”


Ouch. Then on Saturday 17, if you’re a real CTB fan it might be worth hopping 10 minutes on the Overground to Hackney as they’re co-hosting a BBQ at Climpson’s Arch (Arch 374 Helmsley Place, E8 3SB) – the official launch event of Australian brewery Stone & Wood’s beers in London. There’ll be some exclusive beers on tap, and the brilliantly named Licky Chops are on the BBQ grill.

Make sure you arrive very very thirsty: the Tank Party on Aug 24.
Make sure you arrive very very thirsty: the Tank Party on Aug 24.
But the big boy is the bank holiday Saturday, 24 August, when the Brewery is holding a mighty-sounding Tank Party. “Outside we’ll have six 12,000 litre tanks all filled with beer,” enthuses Mark, “and we’re attaching a tap to one of them to sell Unfiltered Hells Lager directly from that tank.”

Not only that, Mark reckons it’ll be the freshest beer in town, “and some of the coldest – those tanks are zero degrees inside.” And to mop it all up there’ll be a much-needed array of street food stalls outside in a pop-up beer garden.

So if all that’s making you a little thirsty, the bar is open as usual all day today (and all weekend). And for the record, Thursday evenings are usually quite civilised, but the quietest times are always during the working day, when you can sometimes have the joint to yourself.

For a few precious moments only, natch.

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The Camden Town Brewery bar is on Wilkin Street Mews, open Thurs-Sat 12-11pm. Find it here


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