Ich Bin Kentishtowner: Matthew Smith, Assistant Manager, Southampton Arms

Matthew did a degree in Molecular Genetics and now helps run “the best bar in London.” When were you happiest? …

Matthew did a degree in Molecular Genetics and now helps run “the best bar in London.”

When were you happiest?
Now is doing OK, Top 5 at least.

Where would you like to live?
I’m currently in a pretty ideal place: spitting distance for the South, The Heath and the tube.

What is your greatest life achievement?
My work with S.I.F.E whilst at Kings College London [Students in Free Enterprise is one of the largest student initiatives worldwide transferring knowledge and skills to communities in need.] Also the friends I’ve made in London and formed into a ridiculously dysfunctional family. Oh and my hair.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
Still waiting on that.

What is your earliest K-Town memory?
Panicking about not having anywhere to live and just taking some random dump under a curry house.

What makes you unhappy?
Ignorance and general bigotry. And people’s inability to realise their own capabilities and simply to settle for defeat.

What simple thing would improve your quality of life?
Time and or money, same old same old.

What is your most unappealing habit?
The amount of gin I can consume.

Theatre of Wine: They do gin too.
Theatre of Wine: a gin palace too?
What is your guilty pleasure?
Chicken of any form. Usually fried.

Where do you hang out?
Southampton Arms, Theatre of Wine.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in London and why?
KT is doing alright by me so far, can’t really see me moving elsewhere unless Manor House gets a bit closer to central. Or west London becomes a little bit less predominantly middle class.

Tell us a secret.
I can’t whistle. Flat out can’t do it.

What has your career taught you?
That career is a very strong word and not to be taken too seriously.

What was your favourite dish and why
At the moment pizza from Stingray and coffee from Queen of Sheba.

What was your best gig and why?
Florence and the Machine, simply for her ability to ignite passion and creativity. Also to belt out a tune that I can dance like a dickhead to.

Describe yourself as an animal.
Tiger, wishfully. Bear probably.

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