Kentishtowner Awards: Best Regular Feature 2012

We’re a small team here at KTHQ and agonize over delivering the right mix of features each week. As regular …

We’re a small team here at KTHQ and agonize over delivering the right mix of features each week. As regular readers know we avoid hard news and local politics stories (better to leave that to the established print weeklies). Instead, we hope to offer a more leisurely balance of opinion, Q&A, social history, food, music, arts, community and travel.

Admittedly it’s all been a learning process, and some features work better than others. So, inevitably, we were curious to know which articles you have enjoyed most. Many of the individual stories with the biggest thumbs up came from our Wednesday Picture strand: things like the Hallowe-en special, the story of the Highgate Vampire (‘it inspired me to go tour round the cemetery’); our second birthday think piece ‘Is Kentish Town really Changing?’; the potted history of Queen’s Crescent, and reader Gerry Slater’s wistful ‘Kentish Town Pubs I’ve Known And Loved’.

Elsewhere, the Saturday Kitchen and Travel sections picked up votes too, testament to the fact that a hyperlocal publication can sustain a broader editorial remit as long as its heart is geographical; in particular, readers name-checked Clare Zerny’s highly engaging Patisserie Diaries, our Free Weekend? strand which roams around London and beyond, and – perhaps buoyed by the new ‘Frentish’ community – the guide to the Perche in Normandy and ‘the article about Lille which made me go there,’ according to one female fan.


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1. Ich Bin Kentishtowner

We began the year with Life Tips, a column inspired by editor Stephen Emms’ experience writing This Much I Know for the Observer Magazine. Then in September we launched the lighter ‘Ich Bin Kentishtowner’, which has quickly become your most popular section. Why? Because it’s about community. ‘So nice to find out what other locals do around here and their gems and hangouts,’ said one reader. ‘It never stops being a surprising source of controversy,’ agreed another. Several of you too highlighted the Martin Plaut Q&A, with its tirade of comments after being posted on right wing blogs, as the year’s most entertaining read. Giles Coren’s Q&A was also a predictable hit. Did he come out or not? (Scroll down to the comments section). Either way, it was vintage Ich Bin.

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2. Pinboard

A very close second was the Pinboard. ‘A good snapshot of what’s on over the weekend,’ said one twentysomething male. ‘Best way to keep up with what’s happening in KT,’ said another, whilst a female in her twenties enthused: ‘I really enjoy that I can find out what’s happening locally all in one place – sometimes there are events I wouldn’t have found out about any other way.’ Don’t forget if you have an event or story you want covered, we’ll do our best to mention it, like the reader who got in touch needing to raise money for her charity trip.

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3. Why It Matters/ Reviews

Equal third were these two categories. Why It Matters gives everyone a voice – and there have been some great campaigns this year from our Dangerous Dogs article through to Boris Bikes for NW5, a New Cinema for K-Town and Saving Swain’s Lane. Pitch us an idea that you’re passionate about, and if you can cobble together a draft, no matter how basic, we’ll do the rest. Neck and neck was our weekly restaurants reviews: ‘it’s the best section,’ said one reader. ‘Keen to make more of the Nearby function too.’

Tomorrow: The Final Five Awards Kick Off With…Best Lunch

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