Lady Somerset Road Street Party 2012 in Pictures

Local luminaries proliferated at the sun-drenched annual bash

Crowds in the sun: Lady Somerset
Crowds in the sun: Lady Somerset

As eagle-eyed readers will testify, we don’t, alas, reside in one of the leafier streets in NW5. However, we enjoy a bucolic stroll past a grand window as much as the next urchin, and so wild-eyed champagne socialists couldn’t hold us back from gatecrashing the manor’s most upscale social bash: Lady Somerset’s annual party.

It was, as you’d expect, a lesson in how to conduct a genteel neighbourhood event: Jubilee-style tables and seating; reasonably-priced food (£4); BYO wine; a small stage with eclectic line-up; plenty of stuff for the kids. Not to mention a big yellow sun that shone and dazzled in equal measures.

Local luminaries proliferated: oh look, there’s author Conor Gearty compering; Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger giggling nearby; media bloke Charlie Beckett hiding behind shades – and Camden New Journal’s illustrious Dan Carrier lugging his decks out of a van. And us! Yes, we were there too, even privileged enough to be interviewed in the ‘LSR Street Party Magazine’ by local schoolkid Emil Sands. Here it is in full:


Of the music turns we enjoyed ukelele lady Sara Spade, but being dog lovers, our fave moment was of course the canine show, a riot of breeds of various shapes and sizes united by their wretched exhaustion from the heat.

Funniest category was for pets that most resembled celebrities. Pictured on the left is the elegant runner-up: can you guess Hollywood superstar she apparently recalls? Other winners were a pug that resembled Spock, and a mutt with the visage of former PM Gordon Brown.

And our other preferred pooch? Why the delicate Willow, of course, winner of ‘most beautiful dog’ award, here resting on the pavement after her sensational victory.

Obviously Pepper would have swept the board had she not been at home with a paw injury.

Anyway, were you there? And what time did it all go on till? We had to leave early, alas, to taste our new Patisserie Diarist Clare’s latest wares.


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  • alisonchandlerwriter

    So glad The Kentishtowner made it to our street party on Sunday. The tradition began over ten years ago when a teenage boy asked why so few of his neighbours knew each other, and decided to do something about it. Thanks to him – and the adults that listened – many more Kentishtowners in Lady Somerset Road and the adjoining streets have become good friends, looking out for each other whether they live in a whole house on our leafy streets or one of the many smaller flats and maisonettes.

    One correction, though. You identified Charlie Higson as compere. Charlie was kind enough to give a special interview to the young people who put together our magazine, but the dog show master of ceremonies was our much-loved neighbour Conor Gearty, Professor of Human Rights Law at the LSE, who gave this response: ‘I have never even heard of Charlie Higson. Just looked him up. He sounds nice, versatile, married with three kids. Funny. God I wish it was true – I wish I was he!!’

  • Kentishtowner

    Ah, thanks for putting us right. We have many talents but celebrity-spotting is not one of them.