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June 1st today. Time, the enemy, eats away at the biscuit, eh? Anyway, here are some things to consider this …

June 1st today. Time, the enemy, eats away at the biscuit, eh? Anyway, here are some things to consider this long weekend:

1. Soak up some Jazz

You may recall that the day after Alma Street Fair was gloriously hot too.

So that evening we mooched around with a pint in the garden of the Southampton, lazed on the terrace at Kentish Canteen scoffing fish and chips, and then, hearing jazz from the open windows upstairs at the Oxford, raced up and caught the last few minutes from Shaney Forbes and his group.


So, our advice is this: jazz on a hot summer night is great. We wish we’d seen the whole show and solemnly promise to get there earlier next time. It’s every week too.

2. Hang out at Zabludowicz

It’s the last weekend at Weighted Words, a really very strong exhibition at our local contemporary art gallery (why haven’t you been yet?) There’s also a brand new show in the smaller ‘Invites’ room featuring a rather meditative video installation by Jason Dungan. And failing that, just go and sit alfresco with coffee and cake between the pillars.

3. Celebrate the privileged

Yes, yes it’s the Jubilee weekend. You could be anti-royalist like Mrs Kentishtowner, who is marking the weekend with a frenzy of gardening, cooking, and a re-read of the Communist Manifesto. Or, if you think what-the-heck-god-love’er (the Queen, not Mrs Kentishtowner) get involved in some flag-waving at Holly Lodge and Highgate Newtown (Saturday), who are acting like it’s 1977 all over again with a tea, bunting and children’s activities.

Meanwhile, in leafy Bartholomew Road residents will be whooping it up with a street tea on Saturday, and ditto St Lukes Church, the City Farm, Clarence Way. For waterfront fun, head to the shindig organized by the Prince Albert pub on Monday in Lyme Street along the canal.

And don’t forget almost all the pubs have special offers and parties, like current advertisers The Junction, with their whopping 30-strong ale festival, and Proud Camden’s bargainous £2 beverages. Even Mrs Kentishtowner might be tempted by that.

Anything else we should know about? Pray share below.


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