Best of 2011? Vote now.

Last Christmas our inaugural Top 10 2010 was a surprise hit so we’re doing it again this year. And now …

Last Christmas our inaugural Top 10 2010 was a surprise hit so we’re doing it again this year. And now that our readership has grown several-fold, we’re desirous of a little feedback (if we may be so bold).

So help us out, local people: is the Southampton your favourite boozer? the Bull & Last your top eatery? Bean About Town your #1 for cwaffee? Your answers can be located anywhere in Kentish Town and its immediate environs – Camden, Tufnell Park, Archway, King’s Cross, Chalk Farm, Primrose Hill.

If you’re pressed for time just email us one place that you think deserves a mention; but if you have five minutes why not jot down answers to any or all of the following:

Best Boozer
Best Independent Shop
Best Daytime Food
Best Coffee
Best Evening Meal
Best Happening
Best Gallery
Best New Opening
Best Random Thing

Email us at Or just answer in the comments section below if you feel like going public. Deadline is this Sunday Dec 11. Results will be published on Dec 15.

Thanks now!


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  • michael ptootch

    Best Boozer tapping the admiral, for roxys excellent mixers
    Best Independent Shop earth, for the lovely steven at the cheese counter
    Best Daytime Food harrys, for the occasional ready to eat roast quail
    Best Coffee arraccini brothers, balls of rice and steel to open where they have…
    Best Evening Meal pane veno, for their pricey but perfect pumpkin puree
    Best Happening alma street fair
    Best Gallery zabludowicz, brilliant curator, amazing building, great snacks at the PV’s
    Best New Opening e.mono, for the copperwork, the rocket and for keeping the name
    Best Random Thing sammys hardware shop (opposite his brother harrys’ shop), whatever you want whenever you want it.

  • Kentishtowner

    Thanks Michael. Yeah we like the look of e.mono – what’s the food like?

    Agreed about Arancini Brothers – it looks tres stylish though. Has anyone checked it out?

  • AU

    Best Boozer – Has to be the Southampton Arms
    Best Independent Shop – The Fruit Bowl..
    Best Daytime Food – Pedro’s Cafe
    Best Coffee – Costa (Sorry)!
    Best Evening Meal – Queen of Sheba
    Best Happening – 2am Summer swimming on the heath…
    Best Gallery – Note sure…
    Best New Opening – A tattooist on the high street makes a difference to the usual coffee shops and hair dressers.
    Best Random Thing – the smoothy bar next door to the lancer!

  • Russell

    Best Boozer The Stag uptairs in winter
    Best Independent Shop The Owl Bookshop
    Best Daytime Food The Vine sharing plates
    Best Coffee The Wine Cellar – coffee and a custard tart!
    Best Evening Meal The Bull & Last
    Best Happening Alma Street festival
    Best Gallery Zabludowicz, LOVE the pop-up cinema
    Best New Opening The Vine
    Best Random Thing excellent fat, juicy cod & chips at The Blue Sea on Queens Crescent

  • fiona

    Best Boozer..the Bull and Gate, as this may be the last time I get to say that.

    Best Independent Shop…the Shop That Sells Everythiing, aka B&S DIY, aka Sam’s. They actually do sell everything, except maybe food, but if you wanted some they’d probably offer you their lunch, they are that nice. The heart of Kentish Town.

    Best Daytime Food and Coffee in one..Mario. Plus excellent art on the wall at all times.

    Best Evening Meal….e.mono because not only does it look like a glowing haven in the dark and the kebabs are flipping lovely, but best of all, the worlds of New Kentish Town, and Old KT will be properly introduced as it’s situated next to O’Reillys, and the aisle in the shop is a bit too narrow to get past anyone without having to engage in chat.

    Best Happening..Alma St Festival. Brilliant!

    Best Gallery..nooo, won’t choose, they are all superb. Beardsmore, Flaxon Ptooch, Zabludowicz, Freespace etc, so lucky!

    Best New Opening..NewSpace gallery in Queen’s Crescent. for artists to try out their work in progress on a wall space. Excellent idea.

    Best Random Thing..was going to say Phoenicia but then again.. Jaynes flower shop. It makes that little part of the high street look beautiful and it’s easy to take all that colour for granted. It’s also ecellent quality.

  • Conrad

    Best Boozer – The Pineapple
    Best Independent Shop – Ace Sports
    Best Daytime Food – Mama Mia
    Best Coffee – Pret (sorry!)
    Best Evening Meal – Bull & Last
    Best Happening – Alma Street Festival
    Best Gallery – [Am a philistine]
    Best New Opening – The Assembly House (re-opening)
    Best Random Thing – KT main swimming pool (or ceiling thereof)

  • Ben

    Best Boozer: The Pineapple
    Best Independent Shop: Owl bookshop
    Best Daytime Food: Kentish Canteen
    Best Coffee: Arancini Brothers (only just opened but easily the best hands down! Food’s good too!)
    Best Evening Meal: Queen of Sheba
    Best Happening: The absence of looted shops in August!
    Best Gallery: Sorry, dunno!
    Best New Opening: Tapping the Admiral
    Best Random Thing: The insistence of the fruit seller on the corner of Islip st (by the Co-op) of only selling totally fresh fruit (worst random thing: the opening of yet another tanning salon on KT High st!!!!)

  • Huw

    Just moved to the area, so this is great info to have.

    Since we’re new, only have a couple of things to offer:

    Best Boozer – The Torriano
    Best Gallery – Zabludowicz, partly because of the hot new italian front of house manager(ess).

  • David

    Best Boozer Torriano Bar and Southampton Arms
    Best Independent Morgans stationary
    Best Daytime Food Mario’s Cafe
    Best Coffee Mario’s Cafe
    Best Evening Meal Assembly House
    Best Happening Christmas Carol Concert at St Luke’s this Sunday!!!
    Best Gallery Zabludowicz
    Best New Opening Assembly House (re-opening)
    Best Random Thing The woman dressed up as a suffragette rambling along Kentish Town road

  • mancbeard

    Best Boozer – The Southampton Arms
    Best Independent Shop – Earth
    Best Daytime Food – Mario’s
    Best Coffee – Bean About Town
    Best Evening Meal – Bull & Last
    Best Happening – Ptooch Parties
    Best Gallery – Mario’s
    Best New Opening – Anything Independent that opens in KT is amazing, Tattoo shop, new posh Kebab shop, still a major force in Indies, thats why I love KT!
    Best Random Thing – Blustons

  • JuJu

    Best Boozer – Torriano Arms
    Best Independent Shop – Owl Bookshop
    Best Daytime Food – Mario’s
    Best Coffee – Bean About Town – by far the best coffee in London, not just KTown!!
    Best Evening Meal – Guanabana
    Best Gallery – Mario’s
    Best Random Thing – Swimming Pool