The Friday Picture: Pizza Express Proposed redevelopment

Just look at this picture of the proposed redevelopment of the 1929 former North London Polytechnic building, as annotated by …

Just look at this picture of the proposed redevelopment of the 1929 former North London Polytechnic building, as annotated by understandably disgusted residents at 1 Prince Of Wales Road. What a mess, indeed.

“The Appeal Hearing is halfway through,” says Alan Morris, chair of the Prince Of Wales Residents’ Association. “It’s adjourned until 28th of November – 1pm at Senate House in Mallet Street. About 50 local residents attended on 4th October and that was very good. We need as many people as possible on the 28th November so the inspector can see how much local objection there is.”

The Kentishtowner campaign starts here. Are you with us? Pledge your support to save the Pizza Express building below. For more on this story head here.


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  • andrew boxer

    gross vandalism

  • Louise

    Is there a petition or anything that I can sign that can be taken along to the hearing?

  • Kentishtowner

    I think the best thing to do is attend on Nov 28. If we get enough support here we’ll definitely forward it all to Alan of course too.

  • WillPScott

    Disgusting!!!…..They have to be stopped. Will be there on 28th

  • Nick Groombridge

    Can we create a petition or Facebook group? Something that a bit easier than expecting people to turn up on the day.

  • Matt Brown

    Wow, that looks straight out of the 1980s. A dog’s dinner of postmodernism. It’s always unsafe to judge something on the basis of one image (especially as the colours are out – see the traffic lights), but in this case we can perhaps make an exception.

  • aviwoo

    We should be careful about what we wish for here to help out this knackered building and sad pizza express. If someone doesn’t step forward here with some serious investment we’ll be left with an even more knackered building containing, at best, maybe another hair/tanning/nail salon or charity superstore as they seem to be is such demand in the neighbourhood. I hope the developers don’t get scared away. Step one: persuade the developer to get a decent architect

  • Ellie B

    I live at 1PoW Road and think it’s very sad that the developers believe demolishing a beautiful, historic building to create this monstrosity is in any way acceptable. Pizza Express may not be the best use of the building but it doesn’t mean it should be knocked down! Please show your support if you can – the appeal was successful earlier this year and can be again if there is enough objection!

  • Lizzie S

    Is there something I can put up in the pub window?

  • Lizzie S

    The Oxford pub window that is..

  • Richard

    In case you were wondering, this is the scabrous company defending and promoting this development:

  • Isadora Watts

    It’s not as if the current building is any great beauty. In fact it’s pretty ugly. Older isn’t always always superior…