It’s a new year still, isn’t it?

It’s nice, at the start of the year, feeling that you can do anything. And weirdly the recent slew of …

It’s nice, at the start of the year, feeling that you can do anything. And weirdly the recent slew of celebrity deaths – Postlethwaite, Karn, Rafferty – somehow heightens the feeling. Is it wrong to say that?

One thing I often wonder walking through Kentish Town, as dreary and dystopian in January as it gets, is whether we can make a difference. Not in a Geldoffian manner, of course. God forbid. (No-one’s trying to save the world here: we’re probably keeping too close an eye on our purse-strings.) But in our own small way. Because, with the trees bare, and the sky leaden, we have to dream.

If I see a vacant shop, I think ‘pop-up’ gallery; a boarded-up pub, potential community hubbub. And if a historically or culturally valuable building is being threatened, I want to campaign to save it. (Mrs Kentishtowner would, given half the chance, open a posh deli on every street corner, but that’s another story.)


I suppose what I’m getting at here is that we’d like to build upon our fledgling Kentishtowner community – and see what happens. Make KT as culturally vital as possible. It doesn’t take money, after all (although that might help). Just ideas and passion. And the good news is that already, several hundred readers seem to agree with us.

There are two key points. Firstly, The Kentishtowner is for the community and needs YOU. Fancy penning an article on something/place that you know about or love? Obscure or un-obscure? You’ll be fully credited, paid in love and respect, and read by the coolest people in the postcode.

Secondly, is an idea of Mrs Kentishtowner’s; what she’s rather grandly calling the Kentishtowner Salon (a gossip in a cosy pub with roaring fire to you or I). But you never know what a monthly gossip about the neighbourhood can lead to…and that boarded-up shop – well maybe somebody knows someone who can make it happen?

Is anybody in? All thoughts most welcome. If you’re too shy to comment, email us instead (click on What is The Kentishtowner for the address).

And, if you really have got the January blues, here’s our Trace:


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  • M@

    I’d be up for a pub meetup – if you’ll allow someone from Haverstock Hill to presume Kentishtian identity. I’ve always been jealous of the meetups the Whampstead folk do, so be good to have one for this area.

  • Kentishtowner

    Chalk “Farmers” most definitely welcome. Especially Monsieur Londonist himself. Thanks for the FB mention btw.