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Review: La Tempesta, Queen’s Wood

Puppets and aerial performers leap through the trees, much to the delight of the little faces staring up from this pop-up forest floor theatre


Review: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Little Angel Theatre

Theatre is among the most refreshingly guilt-free, organic options parents have at their disposal when wishing to thoroughly indulge the kids. Particularly here


My Big Fat Kentishtowner Wedding? Nearly!

Tim Sowula and his bride Elizabeth wanted to keep it as “Kentish” as possible on their wedding day. So how did they get on? How …


Wednesday Picture: Spies in Kentish Town?

Kentish Town author Joe Craig pens the Jimmy Coates series, action-thrillers aimed mainly at the 8-13 crowd (or, as The Times called it, “The Bourne Identity for kids”.) And his tales are often set in prime NW5 locations – here are his Top 5 favourites


Why It Matters: Busting the delayed motherhood myth

[quote] There are no real choices for women when it comes to starting a family. It all boils down to circumstances, and luck.” [/quote] Health …


Pinboard: Local art special, plus where is K-Town’s club – and a terrace for The Grafton?

1. Why can’t we have a sunny terrace at The Grafton? It’s safe to say The Grafton epitomises the positive spirit of independent businesses making …


Esther Walker: “I have been ruthlessly seeking out other normal women who have children”

In about mid-February I get an attack of “Spring Hope”, which is when I start believing that Spring is “just around the corner”. I keep …


A Proper Snow Day on Hampstead Heath – In Pictures

The roads and pavements might be treacherous now, and isn’t it odd how quickly everyone tires of the stuff? Nonetheless yesterday on Hampstead Heath was …


Top 10: things to do under £10

It’s nearly the end of January – but not quite payday. Here are some neighbourhood ideas on the cheap


Pinboard: Art Gallery Special. And a Hunting Cabin in Camden, No Less

1. Local ‘Broken’ Artwork. Flaxon Ptootch, the infamous gallery-salon crossover, is currently exhibiting these intriguing works by North London-based musician and artist Lupen Crook. Crook …

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