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Review: Taking the Waters – A Swim Around Hampstead Heath by Caitlin Davies

Some people might glance at Caitlin Davies’ new book and dismiss it as a niche interest publication. In a way, it is. If you enjoy …


Community Pinboard: E.Mono to launch Patisserie

Welcome to a new item on The Kentishtowner – by popular demand. Got a local event coming up? Paste it on our Facebook Page, or …


Life Tips #5 – Maggie Gee, 63, Author

#1. It’s not about the carriage you go round the village in is it? In August 1983 my boyfriend Nick and I, after six months …


Best Independent Shop 2011: Owl Bookshop

1. Owl Bookshop 2. Earth 3. B&S DIY Shop With the UK somewhat of a world leader in bland identikit high streets, it’s refreshing to …


The Bible of Kentish Town

Brilliantly non-dry, The Fields Beneath, originally written in the late 70s, reinforces the nagging feeling that history is cyclical

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