Video: the Mayor of Kentish Town has a message for readers

NW5’s self-styled bigwig on why readers mustn’t dodge the polling stations on 12th December

The Mayor of Kentish Town is BACK (very briefly) to tell you, no matter who you vote for, make sure you DO, and don't squander your right to have your say.

Posted by Steve Furst on Monday, December 2, 2019

Comedian Steve Furst has created a few classic characters – most famous Lenny Beige – but we will always slavishly follow everything he says as the Mayor of Kentish Town. And right now he’s telling us to vote: “Don’t squander it!” Yes sir.

Not familiar with the Mayor? “A few years ago I wanted to go back to doing some stand-up with a new character,” Furst says in a former interview with Kentishtowner here. “I was aware of Rob Ford, the then Mayor of Toronto who was the crack smoking lunatic who had somehow been voted into office – and thought about a local Mayor here.

“I needed an area, and love really knowing a character, so that ruled out South London or Essex. The changing face of north London, and specifically Tufnell Park and Kentish Town, was perfect. Here was a neighbourhood that still had poorer patches and a bit of a reputation, whilst also becoming prohibitively expensive. Enter The Mayor – or Graham Loose (as he’s known to me only).”


If you’re not convinced at first watch, Furst says that the Mayor is a man “who sounds like an idiot but is very on the money. His policies are a little unorthodox but he runs on the common-sense ticket and doesn’t align himself to left or right. People initially don’t know how to take him. I have to say I really do rather love him.”

And let’s face it, on this occasion, you can’t argue with the blinged-up fella one bit.

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