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CrossFit, Tufnell Park: Interview

Fortess Road’s longstanding Maximum Fitness gym has been taken over by an enthusiastic bunch of locals. We speak to them to find out more about this brand new era

Tell us the story behind launching CrossFit Tufnell Park. We’re five friends with a passion for CrossFit who clubbed together to open a gym of our own, to spread that passion to as many people as possible. In our first year we’ve already built a thriving, diverse community of amazing people here in Tufnell Park, and are really excited about what the future holds.

Forgive us, but what exactly is CrossFit? It’s a highly varied fitness programme, set in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Routine is the enemy, so no two classes are the same, but there consistent themes which lead to improvement over time. We mix elements of weightlifting like squats, with things taken from gymnastics and general conditioning, such as rowing, in an hour-long group classes for ten to twelve people, led by a qualified coach.

The aim is to build true fitness including improved strength, stamina, flexibility, power and more. The results speak for themselves, and we’ve seen amazing transformations in our members, not only in their athletic ability but also in their understanding of movement and fitness. We place a real emphasis on quality of movement and progression to drive improved health and quality of life for years to come.

That all sounds quite hard! What experience do you need in order to get started? Everyone is welcome, regardless of athletic experience and ability. The beauty of CrossFit is that everything is fully scalable, so individuals of all levels can train side-by-side doing different versions of the same workout.


The coach is there to make sure everyone stays safe and is challenged at the right level. CrossFit is sometimes perceived as ‘hardcore’, but in fact we have a richly varied member base, including everyone from working professionals to students and pensioners, male and female. We also run weekly taster sessions, so anyone can see if they like what we offer and the experience we have created.

What else can you do at CrossFit Tufnell Park? Besides the core programme, we run specialist gymnastics and endurance classes, as well as the ever-popular Strength Club. Most importantly, there are also lots of opportunities to socialise with the community here, as we regularly organise events and informal post-session gatherings.

CrossFit Tufnell Park, 144 Fortess Road, NW5. To book a free taster session (Monday/Wednesday evenings, 8pm, Saturdays 1pm):, more here.

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