Hungover? New Swiss remedy helps ease the pain

Tis the season for feeling ropey the morning after, but it’s no longer inevitable


midst the current marathon of work Christmas parties, family feasts and end-of-year drinks, a Swiss company has launched what it claims to be the world’s first ‘chewable hangover tablet’.

Using a secret mountain recipe based on rosemary, dandelion, artichoke and vitamins, Alpx Stay Fit is formulated to help us conquer the painful post-party mornings by stimulating the body’s elimination of toxins and breaking down excess rich foods.

It’s aimed at those of us (hands up) who refuse to compromise on fully enjoying the seasonal social whirl, but safe in the knowledge there’s now a discrete cheat to help ease the repercussions.

Redemption from our over-indulgence comes in the form of a 10-pack of Alpx Stay Fit, which can be kept easily in a wallet or handbag in case of, erm, unexpected emergencies.

Box of Alpx hangover tablets
Now in the UK: 10-packs of chewable hangover-busting tablets Alpx

Two tablets are chewed a couple of hours apart during a party, or you can pop one in the morning if things are getting a little rough.

Makers SwissBioLab have been road-testing the effectiveness of their all-natural product throughout the summer, dishing them out at Switzerland’s wild music festivals and alpine beer terraces to a very positive reception.

Now they’ve arrived here in the UK, and at exactly the right time to help us make it through the rigors of the Christmas and New Year party season.

Judging by the tired-and-emotional faces currently to be seen moping around our co-working space of a December morning, it looks like us Brits are more than ready to accept all the help we can get.

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Order packs of 10 chewable Alpx Stay Fit tablets at the introductory price of £25 via and Alpx Stay Fit tablets can also be found in selected hotels, bars and partner establishments.

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