Local Talent Q&A: Helen Newbery, artist

Earlier in the summer we put out a call to local artists to send in their work. We display the entrants weekly

Artist Helen Newbery's piece Hey! Punk

What’s your practice? I’m a local artist.

How does it inspire you here? I moved to Camden from the Isle of Wight nine years ago and find inspiration on a daily basis from the cultural diversity, music and theatre. Street art is everywhere, I’m never bored. I have more ideas for future projects than I have time to produce. Since moving to the area my love for my craft has flourished.

What are you most proud of? If had to choose it would be Hey! Punk, a 3D collage graffitied with the iconic A for Anarchy. It was a scary moment as I sprayed it on in case I ruined it. Making it not only challenged me due to ill health but it also brought back many great memories, including digging out my old 45s.

And what has punk meant to you? It has been a big part of my life, the DIY ethos of it means that everyone can get involved. Its presence is still alive and kicking in Camden. I’m not very confident with my work; when people comment on it they’re very surprised that I produced it myself. I’m trying to build a collection that I can exhibit, but for now my creations just adorn my apartment.

Where’s your favourite place to hang out? At home, with friends and family, or walking along the canal.

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For any enquiries, contact Helen on mimi_newbery@hotmail.co.uk. Follow Helen on Instagram @helen.newbery.

Main image: Helen Newbery


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