We would like the Welcome To Kentish Town mural to stay, please

It’s only been around two months but we’ve quickly grown used to its blue-sky energy

People sitting at pub table with Kentish Town mural in the background

So we read today that residents are facing the imminent removal of an ace and on-point artwork, which, in two short months, seems to have taken on the job of heralding one’s arrival to central NW5. Basically quite a nice thing to do, right?

And yet that’s not enough for some people, apparently. The reasons behind its removal are complicated and, frankly, too dull to go into (the New Journal can fill you in admirably here) but basically it involves a complaint from a group who pertain to represent Kentish Town’s civic interests coupled with a lack of necessary permissions from Camden Council obtained by Global Street Art, the company responsible for commissioning the eye-catching mural.

Hang on, who actually created this 100% site-specific visual feast? One Brighton-based Aroe, a renowned British graffiti artist who’s not exactly an upstart; and as you can imagine, it’s been a massive hit with our readers and social media users in general. Doesn’t it look especially charming from the terrace outside Neighbour?

Seriously, this has to stop. We’ve often talked about the minority of nimbys and their rather po-faced rejection of everything that has kept our corner of London so vibrant, from the awesomeness of cosy neighbourhood gaff Knowhere Special to classy toilet-turned-bar Ladies & Gents.


And now this. So what do you think – should the celebratory mural stay or go? There’s strength in numbers, after all.

Speaking of which don’t forget it’s the Alma Street Fair on Sunday, another collaborative thing that makes this area so fine.

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