Is Ladies & Gents opening up on Royal College Street?

The disused toilets at the junction of Camden Road will be the bar’s second branch

Taking over one closed-up khazi at a time. Photo: SE
Eagle-eyed planning-application fans will be flushed with the news that the subterranean former toilets at the junction of Royal College Street and Camden Road are about to get a new lease of life. Can’t picture the spot? On the corner, right by the railway bridge.

Camden Council has received a few bids from interested parties, but who better than the diminutive Kentish Town cocktail bar that did exactly the same thing a mile or so north?It’s early days, but we hear that the disused bogs – which are in a noticeably bad state – will be thoroughly cleaned, shined and reopened as the second branch of the popular speakeasy (or Ladies & Gentlemen Part Deux, as it won’t be called).

And we’re pretty sure the owner won’t face the same battle this time round as he had trying to get the original project off the ground.

Ladies & Gents. Photo: L&G

The first bar opened in late 2014 and, along with Knowhere Special, Boulogne Bar and Jukes, is a main player in Kentish Town’s fairly bustling cocktail scene.

The opening will be the latest addition to what is an increasingly interesting and neighbourhoody part of Camden. Other newish arrivals are southern Italian cafe Apulia, awesome stone-baked fare at Pizzeria Di Camden and craft beer joint the Draft House.

All well worth spending a penny at.

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The new Ladies & Gentleman will be open later in the year. Follow @ladyandgentsbar for more

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