Have your say: our 3-minute readers’ survey

Help steer the future direction of Kentishtowner, and maybe win some prizes too

Here’s your chance to participate in improving Kentishtowner for all. Hearing your feedback is vital, not just for helping our direction for readers, but also in how we can better support local businesses, too.

This Readers’ Survey takes three-minutes or less to complete: you simply need to tick a few boxes and rate a few ideas. All answers are optional (and can be anonymous, if you don’t mind not being entered into the prize draw).

There is space at the end for more detailed comments, if you want to add them. Just remember to press ‘submit’ whenever you are done, to complete the process.

We’ll reveal the results at the start of 2018, so you can see exactly how we intend to act on your advice.


And there’s potentially a slap-up local brunch or dinner in it for you too…

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PRIZE DRAW DETAILS: The survey is open throughout November and December 2017. Prize winners will be picked and announced in early January 2018. Prizes are: dinner for 2 at Beef and Brew, bottomless brunch for 2 at The Grafton and six months of free Kentishtowner membership. Winners will be chosen at random from all entries that contain a valid email address.

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