Tenner Or Less: Hummus Lina

It’s all about big bowls of silky smoothness, topped with fresh guacamole or mixed mushroom stew

Silky smooth – and surprisingly un-monotonous. Photo: SE

Where? In the new and improved stretch of posh food outlets in the Stables Market, just a few stalls down from key vegan pit stop Magic Falafel.

What? It’s an offshoot from Café Loren, the acclaimed shakshuka place nearby. Here it’s all about big bowls of silky smooth hummus, topped with fresh guacamole or mixed mushroom stew.

It’s one of half a dozen smart new stalls in the Stables. Photo: Stephen Emms

Why? At a fiver a bowl and with a recipe that has been passed down by the owner’s grandmother, this is a midweek (or weekend) feed that is neither lacking in quantity or quality.

Notes: Fresh salads and your choice of spices sprinkled on top should deflect any concerns about monotony. It’s served freshly blended and still-hot with two substantial slabs of homemade bread.

Don’t: Forget to keep the lid for your hummus bowl. We can guarantee that you’ll be finishing it later – it’s that filling. We even saved a slice of bread for breakfast the next day.

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Hummus Lina, daily at Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road NW1

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