Why Black Friday sucks apart from this one local deal

The 1p coffee
OMG: the 1p coffee at Natural Food Store. Photo: NFS
Here at Kentishtowner towers we hate Black Friday. Hate the name (so weirdly dark!). Hate the TV footage of scraps over plasma screens and selfie sticks. Most of all, we hate the thousands of BF emails that clog up our inbox for at least a month before. Delete!

(Did you know that the term was originally used in the US to describe the heavy traffic on the day after Thanksgiving? Us neither, until we read this the other day).

Get there early. Photo: SE
Get there early. Photo: SE
Anyway, trivia aside, what you really want to know is: which neighbourhood offer stands out? What on earth could it possibly be?

Why, only a swanky speciality coffee at the very nice Natural Food Store on Kentish Town Road. For just 1p. A single penny. That’s a bargain, right? (You’re only allowed one each, though, mind, or says the small print).

While you’re at it, there’s a decent-enough secondary offer too, for the whole day: 20% off all purchases in their food department, which does a pretty nifty line in weigh-it-yourself nuts, outsize jars of spices and herbs, as well as bread, organic veg and natural wine.

But that’s by-the-by. Go there, queue (inevitably) and leave smugly clutching an organic americano – or a latte, if you must – for almost nada.

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Natural Food Store is open daily and is offering 1p coffee tomorrow till 8pm, 136-138 Kentish Town Road NW1

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