How to create a ‘hygge’ home with Cat Dal

Half Danish and half Norwegian, award-winning interior designer Cat Dal shares her tips on how to enjoy the Scandinavian concept of ‘cosiness’ in the home

Cat Dal: "I delve in to rich colours such as emerald green or navy to add some glamour and sex appeal." Photo: PR
Cat Dal: “I delve in to rich colours such as emerald green or navy to add some glamour and sex appeal.” Photo: PR
It is of no surprise to me that Denmark is often rated the happiest place to live, and I truly believe that our concept of ‘hygge’ makes an enormous impact. With no direct translation it is a Danish word meaning ‘to make the most out of every day life’.

This could be as simple as lighting candles on the dinner table, as you eat together with your family, or enjoying hot chocolate snuggled under a blanket chatting with your partner.

In terms of interiors, this is vital: for my clients I aim to create as many ‘moments’ in their home as possible. Things like reading nooks in the sunlight, or social open areas to allow for family interaction.

Natural light is of very high importance in Scandinavia, as it has been proven to have a great effect on mental health, so I always try to get as much as possible bouncing around the home.

Inside Cat's Tufnell Park flat. Photo: CD
Cpsy: inside Cat’s Tufnell Park flat. Photo: Cat Dal
I also bring in the outside world, in the form of a variety of plants and using mostly natural materials.

As a designer I am not governed by any one principle, so despite Scandinavians typically using a calm muted palette, I delve in to rich colours, such as emerald green or navy, to add some glamour and sex appeal.

Recently I’ve also been working on bringing the hygge atmosphere into the work environments, re-inventing offices to feel more comfortable, flexible and inspiring, breaking free of the corporate old-fashioned constraints.

When working with my residential clients, I am involved in the entire project. From the very first concept meeting, to construction and the hanging of the last final picture frame.

I think it’s important to keep a grip on the reins, ensuring the quality of the finished project. Every aesthetic decision should be grounded on purpose, and it is this idea of hygge that means your home should work very hard for you – making it perfect for exactly how you live in it. Nothing makes me happier than handing over a finished project to a client knowing I helped create a cosy atmosphere and lifestyle.

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