Is this the best falafel in London?

Magic Falafel’s many fans reckon it’s the best “in the world”. Get down to Camden Market and decide for yourself

It really does have a strangely powerful effect on you.
This genuine Camden secret has just moved down the cobbles a bit opposite Proud Gallery. Photo: Magic Falafel

Where? For many years it was a little hut on the cobbled – and now hugely scrubbed up – Stables Market. And this week it moved to a new permanent home on the stretch opposite the new Flour Station and Voodoo Ray’s.

What? Probably the best falafel in London. If not the UK. Or, as many fans (and there really are lots) gush on its Facebook page, “the whole world” (“and I’ve lived in Dubai”; or “I’ve tasted Turkish, Israeli variations etc”). It really is that darn good.

The falafel.
Moist: the falafel. Photo: MF
Why? The falafel in fresh toasted pitta (£5, or as a salad for £6) is freshly cooked and moist, made with 100% chickpeas. But it’s the accompaniments and salads that give it such a hit of flavour, from the three sauces (a rich green coriander and parsley one, a fiery red chilli and mildly floral saffron) to the chopped red cabbage, red onion, tomatoes, and cucumber. Oh, and generous dollops of hummus and creamy tahini.

Don’t: Forget to load up on the pickled vegetables on the counter – both the cauliflower and carrot is particularly good, and there are little tubs you can fill as you wait.


Notes: The owners are incredibly friendly, but if you’re in a standoffish mood you may be discouraged by the eager smiling faces beckoning you over to try their wares. Let them persuade you; this is the real deal.

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Magic Falafel is open daily, North Yard, Stables Market NW1

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