Jeffreys Street is 200 years old this week

This weekend sees a bicentenary celebration of one handsome Kentish Town street

Jeffreys Street in 1969. Photo:
Jeffreys Street in 1969. Photo:
Did you know that one Kentish Town backstreet celebrates being 200 years old this summer?

To mark the occasion, a bunch of Jeffreys Street residents, all clad in historic Regency costume, will be chucking a bit of a party (for themselves only, alas) on Saturday afternoon.

There’ll be egg and spoon races, afternoon tea and live folk music, including a set or two from K-Town’s legendary troubadour, Whiskey Mick (often to be found bouncing between the nearby Old Eagle, and still-quite-near Tapping The Admiral).

There’ll even be a speech from mighty local author and historian Gillian Tindall, who wrote the formidable The Fields Beneath, all about Kentish Town’s past.


Jeffreys St, Coronation 1953. Photo: Joan and Graham Fee
Jeffreys St back in 1953. Photo: Joan and Graham Fee
Sadly the party is for residents only, but if you’re passing you’ll probably be able to cop a look at the jolly proceedings – or at least the first four houses on the street, anyway: they were the earliest to be completed and inhabited way back in July 1816.

Hang on. Can’t-for-the-life-of-you think where Jeffreys Street actually is? Well, it’s the road opposite Quinn’s which acts as a useful cut-through to Royal College Street (remember there was once a famous Banksy on its corner, too).

And its unusual name refers to Elizabeth Jeffreys, the wife of 1st Earl of Camden, Charles Pratt. History on every corner then, in fact.

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More information and history on Jeffreys Street is on their official website.

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