Live video: a mass (Brexit) debate

The tickets may have all gone, but you can still watch tonight’s big local event about our future in the EU, right here

Watch live from Flaxon Ptootch at 6:30pm, Tuesday 17th May, (or catch-up any time afterwards) in the player below:

Legendary hairdresser-cum-party-host Michael Ptootch hosts a debate about the nation’s future membership (or otherwise) in the European Union, live from the garden of his Kentish Town Road salon/gallery tonight.

200 guest tickets have now all been allocated, however you can watch a feed of the debate as it happens on this page from 6:30pm, or indeed return to view the whole thing at a later date.

You’ll be able to see a bunch of bigwigs all slogging it out over the big question of whether to Brexit or Bremain, including: Sarah Hayward, leader of Camden Council, Sir Andrew Cahn, Susanne Evans and Eurosceptic John Mills.

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