Video: Look at this stunning timelapse of a Kentish Town sunset

Graphic designer James Garman shot this footage from his kitchen window

You may appreciate that there’s something poetic about the grubby relentlessness of Kentish Town Road, with its constant traffic and stream of buses en route to Camden, Highgate, Hackney – and beyond.

Graphic designer James Garman would undoubtedly say so. He shot this captivating footage of an indigo evening morphing into the thick of night against a blur of headlights, streetlamps, pedestrians, stop-start vehicles and the odd curve of a train.

Don’t forget to look closely as the detail is fascinating, from the people assembling (time after time) at the bus stop, to the dancing red-to-green traffic lights.

Photo: James Garman
A still from the timelapse film. Photo: James Garman
“We had some beautiful sunsets over the winter,” says James. “So I shot this out of our kitchen window, a little while back, in my old flat on Kentish Town Road. We lived right above (what was) Joe’s Southern Kitchen.”

James pointed his camera north, “so you can see the Forum and the church next door silhouetted in the sky. The train on the left of the image above is just leaving Kentish Town Station.”

Sadly, since filming this he’s actually moved away from NW5, although not too far. “I’m now down in Camden,” he says. “I do miss the quieter aspects of living in K-Town, though.”

Quiet right there? Well I never. Still, you can’t deny the pensive beauty of this.

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