A tenner or less: #1, Chargrilled chicken sandwich at the Lord Stanley

This new column highlights the best-value meals across the neighbourhood – for under £10

Chicken sandwich at the Lord Stanley. Photo: SE
Piri-piri chicken sandwich at the Lord Stanley. Photo: SE

Where? You know, the lovely Victorian corner boozer – airy and spacious, with a bottle-green ceiling – on the north-eastern tip of the leafy Camden Square conservation area.

What? Two gloriously flattened chicken breasts, juicily marinated in all manner of herbs, spices and garlic, are chargrilled to perfection in the open kitchen. They’re served between pieces of chewy, lightly toasted sourdough, with capers, roasted peppers, tomatoes, aoili and rocket all spilling joyfully out.

Why? Because it’s one of the best things you can eat anywhere in the capital for £6. Really. A humble “chicken sandwich” it is not.

Notes? It’s a huge plate of food: more knife-and-fork than hand-job. And if you’re thirsty but skint, a pint of lime and soda costs nada, with squeezed lime rather than cordial. No service charge either, meaning your bill, drink included, can remain at £6. Unless you want to tip, of course.


Don’t: share one between two. That might be pushing their hospitality. But you could always try it.

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Available lunchtimes as a daily special at Lord Stanley, 51 Camden Park Road, NW1.

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