North Yard, NW1: home of the style makers

Camden Market is constantly evolving, and nowhere is that more apparent than North Yard at Stables Market, where a growing number of independent fashion designers are making their mark

Meet the owners: five of North Yard’s emerging fashion brands…
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Soot & Ty

Zoot and Ty

Zac Million, owner

What’s your aim?
To bring colourful clothing to people that most retailers forget: guys who are XS size and have the simple desire for a fitted shirt.

Signature style?
My clothes are very unisex in shape and form. They just fit beautifully and have interesting designs of pattern and print. And I still provide clothes at more regular sizes too.

How did you start?
My simple desire was to bring a fresh opinion to what guys and girls should wear. I always consider solving a problem is a worthwhile cause for the forgotten XS size people. Plus being my own boss is very rewarding.

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Clime-it Brothers

Mubarak Mohamud (Mo) & Daryl Duckman

Clime-it Brother

Tell us about your business.
We’re a Camden-based social enterprise using fashion and theatre to share awareness about social and environmental change to the younger generation.

Best selling product?
The ‘Creed’. It’s a contemporary hoody inspired by the famous Playstation game Assassins Creed.

How did you get into doing this?
This represents a positive change for me. As someone who has overcome many social constraints, I started this enterprise to help other people overcome theirs.

What next?
Our new summer t-shirt range, using 50% PET recycled material.

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Mario Warner, owner

Who are you?
We describe ourselves as the British heritage lifestyle outfitters. A mod clothing shop that caters for both men and women. Mod has influenced many subcultural movements: we have the threads you need for the life you wish to lead.

Best-selling product?
We have a great range of high paisley, polkadot and floral shirts. Sta-Prest trousers based on the classic Levis and vintage inspired knitwear.

Mod trends today?
On the high streets you’ll see a younger audience going for tassel loafers. This classic shoe has its origin in the early 60s. We’re selling pairs today to a young, sharply dressed crowd, and an audience in their fifties, who had them first time round as well.

Favourite thing about North Yard?
On a wet Wednesday afternoon you’ll still get an old roadie from the Rolling Stones come walking in and tell you a good story. You get lots of genuinely interesting characters in Camden: we seem to attract ‘um.

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Chop Shop

Mae, owner


Who are you?
I’d worked for different fashion brands as a pattern cutter, but always felt like the designs were missing a feeling. To achieve that I went to work with Asaf & Raz, owners of two Chop Shops in Tel Aviv. We now run our independent fashion store here in the heart of London, bringing exclusive designs for others who want to express identity, thoughts and feelings through what they wear.

Signature item?
The one-offs: exclusive unisex designs with a complete different shape just made one time with natural fabrics.

Favourite thing about North Yard?
That we have melted to be one union of young designers working together instead of competing against each other.

What trends are hot right now?
We try to ignore and avoid fashion trends. At North Yard you simply see young designers reflecting their thoughts through their clothes.

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Dirty Rich Apparel

Dirty Rich2

Ryan Hewitt, owner

What’s your story?
Two years ago I had no job, no money and no base to work from, but decided I wanted to create my own clothing line. I started off screen-printing shirts from a shed I built with my dad in the back garden. With the help of a Virgin startup loan, I printed five boxes of t-shirts, plus shot a promo video and product shots in Brighton, before I found out about with Camden Collective, who I’ve worked with since last summer. The clothes infuse artwork and illustrations from my wacky imagination and collaborations with artists such as Elno. All printed in house from the “million-dollar hut”.

Signature piece?
The ‘puppet master’ print, which comes on our extended tees and also flannel shirts, it’s sold out twice now. And we sold well over 400 of our woolly hats this winter too.

What hot?
Crop tops seem to be on trend across London. I’m launching one with a reflective ‘x’ on the chest. When a flash photo is taken it light up in the picture, and I’ve teamed up with breast cancer charity The Pink Ribbon Foundation to help spread awareness and each purchase will donate £2. #dirtyflash

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VA Garments

VA Garments

Owners Idris Odusanya, Alan Ade, Vidal Swarvay Bull

Tell us about the brand.
Outerwear fashion constructed through a geometric vision on cuts and our use of materials to form those essential, symbolic pieces.

Signature style?
The iconic custom bomber ‎made from vibrant velvet colourways. Our ability to manipulate the jacket is a key feature for us.

What trends do you see here?
‎The Market has moved away from your ordinary ‘I love Camden’ t-shirts to more authentic wear which gives the consumer a conscious and fashionable choice here.

What’s next?
For us, summer will be all about seeing everyone sporting ‎VA at festivals and on their holidays. We are aiming to have a strong season here in North Yard and the planning has already begun.

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