Food trends 2015: will the burger ‘die a slow death’ this year?

More Mexican, more vegetables, more technology…we asked three leading local restaurateurs to spill the beans on what’s next

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Chalk Farm Road, founder Des McDonald

Quick to become a Chalk Farm Road staple. Photo: PR
Quick to become a Chalk Farm Road staple. Photo: PR

Predictions? There’ll be more independents hitting market, with guests spending a bit less but going out more frequently.

Des McDonald: ‘More Asian, more Mexican, more superfood and juices’.

Trends? Street food will continue to grow, with variety and value.

In what way? There’ll be more Asian, more Mexican, more superfood and juices joining the offerings.


Your plans? We achieved great success in 2014 with the openings of Holborn Dining Room, Q Grill on Chalk Farm Road, Fish & Chips on Old Broad Street and the two pop-ups at Selfridges. The first new opening this year is a Q in the City, which will open April or May 2015.
Q Grill is at 29 – 33 Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1. Read our review here

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Dartmouth Park, chef-owner Philip Kendall

Plump with a moreish sauce: mussels at Lure. Photo: Stephen Emms/ LBTM
Plump with a moreish sauce: mussels at Lure. Photo: Stephen Emms/ LBTM

Predictions? Come craft beer, come craft food. Typically made in small batches with specialized local ingredients, this trend will flourish with independents and then the major food makers will look for ways to jump on the train. Healthier kids’ meals will again feature prominently, with government backing and high profile chefs.

Posing with Miliband.
‘I think the burger sector will die this year.’ Kendall poses with Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Trends? Casual dining, though consumers will lead away from chains and there’ll be more one-offs. Dare I say, I think the burger sector will die a slow death this year as we search for new and exciting tastes and textures. Look out for an African fruit called baobab, excellent in fibre and calcium, it’s the goji berry of tomorrow. Vegetable yoghurts may take off in 2015, think butternut squash, beetroot, and tomato. This year will also show a much more tech side with apps, Instagram and every other type of social media all continuing to soar in popularity.
Lure Fish Kitchen is at 56 Chetwynd Road NW5. Read our review here

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Parkway, head chef Richard Teague

Lovely: Market's simple interior. Photo: PR
Lovely: Market’s simple interior. Photo: PR

Predictions? I think the London dining scene will continue to evolve at the pace in which it has done over the last year. There’ll be more technology taking over, such as restaurant apps and electronic ordering systems. Hopefully the emphasis will be on privately owned restaurants whose main focus is ‘locally based’, providing a neighbourhood restaurant for customers with great emphasis on carefully sourcing your ingredients.

Richard Teague: ‘I am very keen to introduce more vegetables on the menu. ‘

Trends? I would like to see a move towards making things in-house to a greater degree. Not necessarily the usual products such as bread and ice cream but butter, yogurt, pickles and charcuterie. In this way a chef is able to exert greater quality control. Customers also love the idea of the restaurant hot smoking its own salmon, or making its own bresaola.

Streetfood: hot or not? While it’ll continue to be a dominant trend in 2015, the vendors to succeed will be the ones who, as a consequence, will be able to move their stall to a permanent site and set up a restaurant on the back of their initial business.

Your plans? We’ll continue to use carefully picked suppliers in order to provide the best possible produce for our customers. We’re looking to expand towards some outside catering events. I’m very keen to introduce more vegetables on the menu: we use Parkway Greens which offers a fantastic choice of fruit and vegetables, such as heirloom tomatoes and heritage beetroot, and these ingredients deserve to hold prominent positions in a dish.
Market is at 43 Parkway NW1. Read our review here


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  • Carolyn

    Interesting. There has certainly been a lot of innovative burger joints opening in the past couple of years – maybe only the bests will remain!