Top 10 specialist bike shops in Camden

Don’t be seduced by an online deal or commit a DIY disaster when there are a wealth of hands-on cycling specialists just around the corner

The personal touch: custom service at Giant Camden
The personal touch: custom service at Giant Camden
No doubt about it, cycling is hotter than ever right now in London. With everyone – from plummy politicians to fixie-hipsters – all keen to be seen pushing pro pedal-power agendas, bikes look set to become even more central to life in the city. And hooray for that.

It means a boom in sales, although that doesn’t always translate to the highly-trained specialists on the high street. With more price pressure than ever coming from online retailers, it can be tough out there.

Aside from the fact we’d be fools to abandon our local shops at this exciting time for cycling in the capital, consider too that you probably wouldn’t buy a self-assembly car-in-a-box from Amazon, or an SUV knocked together by someone who usually builds toys. Right?

Camden is rich in cycle stores, workshops and specialist operators, meaning it’s painless to deal direct with the experts. So put down that mouse or mobile, get on your proverbial and check out these ten local gems:


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10 great cycle shops near you

Expert advice from local shops
Expert advice from one of these local shops

Cloud 9 Previously a cherished ‘secret’ under the arches opposite Camden’s one-time motobike pub the Hawley Arms, Cloud 9 have moved deeper into town with a glossy shop front on lovely, leafy Store Street. As well as all kinds of repairs, they also make and sell custom bikes, building the frames to measure in-house and right before your eyes. 38 Store Street, WC21E

Camden Cycles Tagging themselves as the “only green bicycle shop in London” is bold in this already eco-friendly area of transport, but a solid recycling policy, including buying any used bikes or parts for reuse, certainly ticks all the right boxes. New, used and reconditioned models for sale plus, as you’d expect, a wealth of hard-to-find accessories. 251 Eversholt Street

Giant Camden (formerly Chamberlaine) Kentish Town’s classic family-run shop has been rebranded, but the same team are present to attend to your two-wheeled needs. They’ve just got a swanky new interior including high-tech fitting machines these days as well. Owner Nick has been there over two decades, read his story plus 12 top cycling tips here. 75-77 Kentish Town Road

One for the family: London Green Cycles
One for the family: London Green Cycles

London Green Cycles Looking to carry a gaggle of six children by pedal-power alone? This is the spot for an impressive array of such family-friendly and heavy cargo bikes. Great for eco-conscious courier use and pedal-powered streetfood vehicles too. The repairs workshop specialises in fitting electric assist motors (for ‘cheating’), plus a traffic-free test area. 4 Chester Court, Albany St, NW1

Simpson’s This family run affair on Malden Road has been around for decades. Feeling the pressure from the internet, late last year they reduced their operation to a smaller, still friendly outlet at the same spot. Although the stock seems to be just as comprehensive. 114-116 Malden Road

Lunar Cycles Tucked away near Talacre Gardens, and right next door to Camden Town Brewery for all your refreshment needs, this hip under-the-arches outlet is the place to go for repairs, accessories, friendly advice – and a quality MOT. Arch 66, Wilkin Street Mews

Quirky: the Bicycle Gallery  on opposite Kentish Town West Overground. Photo: Stephen Emms
Quirky: the Bicycle Gallery. Photo: Stephen Emms

Bicycle Gallery Right opposite Kentish Town West station is this highly rummageable secondhand arch. Expect to find everything from 1970s hipster shoppers to racers and mountain bikes. They now also operate from within an antiques shop on Chalk Farm’s main drag. Prince of Wales Road

Bike House Another long-standing central K-Town outlet. You’ll find loads of accessories, expert on-hand advice and a neat sideline in skateboards too. 10 Fortess Road

Evans It might be a chain retailer, so not to everyone’s taste, but a visit to this large showroom opposite the Roundhouse still remains preferable to the faceless online option. A big range an some real life experts too. 86 Chalk Farm Road

Cycle Surgery Another chain (insert bike-related joke here), but one that manages to keep the local shop vibe, due to its diminutive size and passionate staff. 44 Chalk Farm Road


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  • Ed Goldman

    Don’t forget Bikeztube on Junction Road! Great owners! Very skilled, knowledgable and friendly! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

    • Jorge

      Totally agree with Ed. After so many years out of the pro continental world, they are the only ones reminding me our team mechanics!

      • Anna

        I’d agree re BikezTube Just over the border in Islington but only by yards…. I had a different starting point to Jorge: I just want a bike for a nearly 50 year old woman cycling 15 mins to work, but they were so friendly and not patronising. They patched up my old bike and gave a very good value for money service. Am just off to buy a new bike from them now.

  • youngdonkey

    just so people are aware – Camden Cycles (the so called only green bicycle shop in London) is regularly inspected by police for selling stolen bicycles.

  • Mad Dog

    I thoroughly recommend Simpson’s – they beat most other shops on price and service in my experience. I’ve been going there for 14 years.

  • Ken Cooper

    I see you’re STILL calling Kentish Town K-Town – get sorted.

  • Andy

    I will recommend Bike House in Kentish town , they are really genuine guys, no rip off , very friendly too.