Map: Eat your way around the world

Step outside your front door and you can take a bite out of almost any cuisine in the world. So we decided to illustrate our favourites on a nifty map

The handy map from our August summer special issue
Why spend a small fortune on flying somewhere exotic only to encounter one culinary disappointment after another? We all know that, food-wise, there’s “no place like home”.

In our special summer print issue, we decided to illustrate some of our favourite eateries and show you how diverse the north London eating scene really is.

From Argentina to China, Sardinia to the Deep South, you really can go around the world in just a mile or two.

It goes without saying that space on the map is limited – we had to cram enough joints in as it was – and therefore it’s far from exhaustive. So why not add your own global favourite in the comments below (rather than tell us who you think we’ve forgotten)?

Finally, if you want a copy of the original full-size map, if you’re quick you may still be able to get yourself our July/August edition; there are a few knocking about still in the Southampton and the Grafton.

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Or buy a pristine copy from our online shop here.

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